Twitter puts @promotional products in its new digs

Twitter has done a great job with branding. Every encounter I have with Twitter leaves me feeling light and refreshed. Their monochrome blue is relaxing, and their subtle clouds and sun rays somehow work without being cheesy.

Remarkably, Twitter has even managed to incorporate a mascot: its little bluebird.

Everything that Twitter communicates visually about itself is consistent with the content and practices of the business.

Twitter is fresh.

  • …in its content. Beyond being the hot new fad, Twitter has stayed relevant with innovations like # and retweet. Brilliantly, however, Twitter lets its members do most of the work, and people are constantly discovering new ways to use the site.
  • …in its appearance. Light clouds and sun rays make you feel you’re tweeting in a meadow.
  • …in its digs. Twitter’s new space even includes a DJ booth. And what’s fresher than music created on the spur of the moment?

Twitter is transparent.

  • …in its content. There are very few places to hide on the Twitter site. Most accounts are public, meaning your tweets are instantly available to the entire Tweetdom.
  • …in its appearance. Twitter’s sky blue website is so airy that you feel you could reach your hand through the screen.
  • …in its digs. Exposed rafters and light bulbs, vast spaces and large windows make the headquarters feel open. And like Gawker, Twitter employees sit at communal drafting tables with no cubicle walls.

Twitter is simple.

  • …in its content. 140 characters. That’s it.
  • …in its appearance. One color. No clutter.
  • …in its digs, with bird decals on the walls and a modern, minimalist design. The colors of the walls and floors stick to Twitter’s monochrome scheme.

I love how Twitter has translated its brand to its new offices, even — wait for it — using promotional products in the décor. They even showcase an embroidered promotional pillow that reads “Home Tweet Home.”

For a company that exists on the internet, they’ve seamlessly extended their brand to their physical surroundings.

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The Pinnacle Promotions office is pretty awesome, too! The wall decals, clean lines and modern decor aren’t too far off from what Twitter has done- we should compare photos!

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