The Hipster Holiday Guide

So how exactly does one find anything, least of all the perfect holiday gift or giveaway, for the hipster who scoffs at almost everything? By searching at Pinnacle Promotions of course! To make your search even easier, I’ve put together this handy-dandy list to help you find the gift that is such a perfect balance of ironic, vintage, and elitist that will have your hipster fans insisting they were the first to love each product.


I’ve blogged about my love for retro things, and it doesn’t stop at just phone accessories: I’ve got the record player, vinyl, and old camera collection to prove it. So for the native hipster, things that are old are once again new and things that are new better have a touch of old for them to love it (exceptions being DSLRs, any Apple products, and most things found at Urban Outfitters). Higher end items like the Field & Co. Rucksack Backpack or the Field & Co. Cambridge Collection Compu-Backpack would be ideal for pricier items that are sure to become a part of a hipster’s daily rotation. Also keep in mind that a big movement within the hipster community is the return to biking, walking, and public transportation, either one of the bags is sure to help them out on their daily commute, especially since backpacks are very in trend this season.


With the return to a more energy efficient and eco-friendly lifestyle, there was suddenly a need to replace all those red solo cups and daily disposable water bottles with things that would last longer and not have such a negative impact on the environment. Tumblers like the Fountain Soda Tumbler with Straw have an old-timey feel that’s reusable and easily portable. The Infuser Water Bottle is another great option in terms of portability and uniqueness, it allows you to place herbs, fruits, or tea bags into the bottle and create your own custom drink to go!


If you are looking for drink ware that’s just as durable but not acrylic, we have plenty of great, hipster-friendly options. There’s the 16 oz. Glass Drinking Jar that resembles a mason jar, a staple of most post-college hipster soirees. If your hipster demographic is more of the college age side, consider the Kikkerland Ceramic Red Party Cup, the permanent solution to a disposable, and infamous, red cup. Your logo could be at the front and center of every sip at any local brewery that’s hosting a vinyl listening party from the favorite local band.


Another great hipster gift idea would be a promotional journal. If you’ve ever perused (one of the online hipster meccas), you’ll see it’s full of pictures from deep-thinking hipsters who have sketched out their deepest thoughts, favorite quotes, and surroundings into their trusty notebooks (and then shared that with the internet, but I digress). If you know that your hipster customer isn’t against the use of leather, the Americana Leather-Wrapped Journal is reminiscent of journals you see in old movies where the travelling beatnik writer chronicles his journey. We have plenty of non-leather options, like the Tuscany Writing Journal, which has always reminded me of the classic MoleSkins but at a much better price.



And if you want to focus your gift giving on items a hipster could actually wear, it must walk a fine line of trendy and “I totally bought this in a thrift store”, but above all it must look effortless even if it required hours of effort. The Distric Slouch Beanie is a great headwear option, it’s unisex so you don’t have to worry about different styles for different genders. If you want to target your more tech-savvy hipsters, I suggest the Touchscreen Spandex Gloves. These spandex gloves will keep your hipsters warm while they tap away at their cellphones or tablets, while eliciting envy for all others who have to remove their gloves to check their latest Twitter notification (a sure fire way to win over hipsters is by giving them items that while appearing simple, give them a sense of superiority when in use).


Remember that while claiming love for the analog life, most hipsters stay on top of the newest technologies. iPad sleeves in bright colors are a great gift idea, like our Ultra-Thin iPad Sleeve that comes with a stand or the neoprene-made Promotional iPad Sleeve. Or you can cater to those who’s newest tech is more music geared with headphones such as the Hades on Ear Headphones, these lightweight on-ear headphones offer some serious sound that’s sure to please even your pickiest hipster audiophiles.

This list is only a small sampling of all the hipster appropriate items we have here at Pinnacle Promotions. Remember to just ask yourself these few questions: Is it ironic? Is it exclusive? Could I put a mustache on it? Can I put a bird on it?

And if all this seems like too much, just give us a call! We’d be happy to help pick out a few items even your most hardcore hipsters will love.

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