November’s Deal of the Month

The month is starting to wind down and I realized that I have yet to mention our Deal of the Month! We put a lot of thought into choosing an item that is appropriate for the month or season we’re in, as well as work hard to get you the lowest price around for the item. This month our Deluxe Plush Custom Blanket is our Deal of the Month item!

This comfy blanket is 50″ wide and 60″ tall, a size that’s great to cover your gift recipients. It comes in eight great colors and also comes with its own carry bag which is a nice touch when it’s time to store blankets at the end of the season. If you want to learn more about the Deluxe Plush Custom Blanket, don’t miss our product video for it. So if your local weather has been as bipolar as Atlanta has been, check out our Deal of the Month and be ready for when the next cold wave hits.


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Sweater Weather

I feel like an early episode of Game of Thrones everytime I say it, but it’s undeniable: “Winter is coming”.

Though it’s bound to be a less ominous season than Ned Stark meant, unless all those coldest-winter-ever predictions are true,  mornings and evenings here in Atlanta are starting to get chilly. As much as I love summer and record high temperatures, there is one silver lining to fall and winter- it’s officially sweater weather!

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Personalized Koozies: An Effective Festival Marketing Tool

Although it isn’t officially spring, the warmer weather is definitely producing some “spring fever.” After a brutal winter, festivals and events are popping up across the nation’s cities; introducing the warm weather as well as allowing all the winter suffers to enjoy a weekend of fun and sun.

Distributing promotional products such as personalized koozies is a great way to connect your brand with hundreds of people instantly!  By handing out personalized koozies or other event-relevant custom promotional products, you are creating brand awareness, interactivity, and positive press. Continue reading →

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