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How to: Hold Your Own White Elephant Gift Exchange (Pinnacle-Style)

At Pinnacle, we hold a White Elephant Gift Exchange for our employees around Christmastime each year. Every employee that wants to participate brings in a wrapped present (we set the budget around $10 per gift, but you can instruct your guests to spend any amount of money, as long as it is standard across the board). The presents are organized in a designated area and left untouched until each participant has had the chance to pull a slip of paper with a number on it out of a hat; the count of numbers is based on the total number of gifts contributed to the game.

Once everybody has their number, the person who draws #1 can approach the gifts and choose one to unwrap. Then, the person who drew #2 can either “steal” person #1’s gift or bring a new gift into play by choosing one from the pile to unwrap. As the game continues, each player can choose to “steal” a gift that a previous player has unwrapped (up to 3 “steals” per gift, at which time it is considered out of play and remains with the third participant to “steal” it from its original owner) or select a new gift from the pool.

A few of the amusing gifts that made it into Pinnacle’s White Elephant Gift Exchange this year were:

-an entire set of mismatched dishes

-a statue of monkeys depicting the “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” saying

-a dragon incense burner

-several store giftcards

-a bag of 850 gumballs

-a book of “Awkward Family Photos”

-a giant remote control + VHS tape of “Saved by the Bell”

-bumble bee promotional stress ball

-and more!


To view photos from the Pinnacle Promotions White Elephant Gift Exchange, visit us on Facebook.

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