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Products for Hot Weather Races

If you live anywhere on the East Coast, especially the Southeast as we do, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen an influx of pictures of car thermometers on your friends Facebook pages showing the temperatures soaring above 100 degrees. We’ve even put one on our Facebook page here at Pinnacle, though it seems that 102 was not much to brag about compared to other cities.

However, 102 degrees is no joke when you’re outside competing in a 6.2 mile road race and that’s what 60,000 people intend to do this Independence Day as they participate in the Peachtree Road Race, one of the world’s largest 10Ks.

Peachtree Road Race

Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: chippenziedeutch
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Product Pick of the Week: Meet the Guzzy!!

Working in the Promotional Products industry, I am exposed to a lot of bottles, mugs and tumblers. At the recent PPAI show in Las Vegas, I was introduced to the Guzzy. I ask you to please look beyond the funny moniker because the Guzzy is genius!

The Guzzy


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