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Flash Drive Business Cards

Leave it to the writers over at Bit Rebels to find another creative invention. I have previously written about the Penny Shooter Business Card and Food-Replica Flash Drives thanks to BR, but now they have led me to a new item that combines the useful parts of the two aforementioned products and blends them into one great promotional item – what I am calling, the Flash Drive Business Card.

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Flash Drives. Yum.

Flash drives are nothing new to the promotional products industry (you can find Pinnacle’s most popular USB flash drives online at The USB Drive Shop) Companies everywhere have been snagging up these little items imprinted with their business’ name and logo to give away to customers and to use internally for their own data storage and transfer needs. But it seems that a new wave of USB flash drives is emerging care of a Korean company (the website is all in Korean but it appears to be called EARLYSHOP) that hand makes little flash drives to appear as tiny replicas of different types of food. Yummy. Continue reading…

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