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Starbucks Supports Made in the USA Promotional Products

Image source: American Mug and Stein


Last week I read an NPR article about how Starbucks is supporting an Ohio-based mug maker, American Mug and Stein instead of purchasing their mugs overseas.  It really made me happy to hear that a company of Starbucks’ stature is buying USA made promotional items and making a huge difference to a small town pottery business and the city of East Liverpool, Ohio.

American Mug and Stein was on the verge of shutting down, when unexpectedly they received their largest order to date from Starbucks.

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Celebrate Labor Day with USA Made Promotional Items

Labor Day, which occurs annually on the first Monday in September, is a time to honor American workers. This year, why not support American industry by distributing USA made promotional items?

From food products to travel and leisure accessories, there is a wide range of USA made promotional items available. I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites below to help you navigate through the large selection, but keep in mind that we can help you find a made in the USA version of just about any product out there.

And, don’t worry if you’ve already planned a promotion for Labor Day! USA made promotional items also make great corporate gifts during the holiday season.
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