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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: The Glitter “Eye” Ball

Having been in the Industry for over a year now, it takes a really unique product to catch my eye. Mugs, journals, reusable totes and pens all have their place in the world, but most are not super exciting. I mean, a cinch pack is usually just a cinch pack, right? Yawn.


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Create Demand for Promo Items with Pre-Tradeshow Social Media Campaigns

Earlier this week, I was fortunate to attend a conference called Digital Summit right here in Atlanta. The conference featured a number of speaker sessions, technology showcases, and networking opportunities, and it was impossible to ignore the unique promo items that took center stage throughout the 2-day event.

From pre-event contests publicized through social media to distinctive promotional monkey hats handed out at the show, sponsors and attendees relied heavily on promo items to spread the word about their brands’ products and services.

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