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Serving Up Promotional Products – and Tennis Champs – in Norcross

Destination-Europe-Kim-ClijstersBelgian tennis player Kim Clijsters won her second United States Open title this weekend, defeating challenger Caroline Wozniack of Denmark in the woman’s singles finals on the 24,000 seat Arthur Ashe stadium, not having even played there since her first victory in 2005. But one of the other most notable achievements of the tournament this year was the success of 17-year-old Melanie Oudin, who trained at the Racquet Club of the South in Norcross, Georgia – which happens to be less than 5 miles away from the Pinnacle Promotions office! Only her second time to play in the US Open, Oudin defeated top seated players Elena Dementieva, Maria Sharapova, and Nadia Petrova, to become the youngest American tennis player to compete in the quarter-finals since Serena Williams in 1999. Though she lost in the quarter-finals to Caroline Wozniacki, her overall performance in the tournament and her fighting determination that enabled her to advance each round after being down after the first set in three straight matches has made her an overnight tennis sensation with the talent and will to become a champion.

In honor of Miss Oudin of Norcross, today’s blog is going to feature – you guessed it – promotional tennis items. At Pinnacle Promotions we have more products relating to tennis than you could imagine! From custom imprinted tennis balls and jersey tennis polo shirts, to tennis can koozies and tennis ball stress relievers, tennis players and fans can choose from an assortment of tennis items for any marketing campaign.

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PINNACLE Spells Promotional Products

I received an e-mail chain this week entitled “Random Thoughts of the Day” that basically outlined miscellaneous thoughts and situations that occur in our daily lives. Here was one of my favorites, a situation that used to happen to me more often than I’d like to admit when having to spell Conaway, Strickler & Margolis at the law firm where I used to work:

“Every time I have to spell a word over the phone using ‘as in’ examples, I will undoubtedly draw a blank and sound like a complete idiot. Today I had to spell my boss’s last name to an attorney and said “Yes that’s G as in…(10 second lapse)…ummm…Goonies.”

Inspired by this concern, today’s blog will consist of ‘as in’ examples for Pinnacle using promotional products!

P – as in Promotional Pens.

I – as in ID Badges & Holders.

N – as in Notepads.

N(2) – as in Non Woven Polypropylene Bags.

A – as in Automotive Accessories.

C – as in Coolers.

L – as in Laser Pointers.

And finally E – as in Executive Gifts.

What does that spell? PINNACLE! (As in Pinnacle Promotions)

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Express Your Beliefs with Promotional Signs and Presentation Tools

promotional signs and presentation toolsNews coverage has recently been inundated with stories and images of American citizens voicing concerns over President Obama’s proposed healthcare plan. With millions of Americans currently not holding any health insurance, and millions more currently underinsured, the government’s healthcare expenditure is out of control, and the whole country is in agreement that changes need to be made with urgency. However, opinions about how to revamp healthcare programs to conserve federal funds are far from unanimous. The on-going debate about Obama’s plan has led to a media frenzy, and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have taken a clear-cut stance on the issue.

For years controversial topics such as this one have brought people with common beliefs together to fight for their shared convictions. Anything from animal rights, to anti-smoking, to green and sustainable initiatives, is enough to spur passionate dialogue from informed (and unfortunately sometimes, uninformed) citizens. Whether you are setting up a protest, or merely trying to direct peoples’ attention to a cause that you are dedicated to, it is important to prepare adequate signage and displays to effectively communicate your message. Your collateral needs to be bold enough to make a statement, but I would advise against setting up anything too permanent. Chances are that you will want to repeat your efforts in another location in the future, so your best bet would be to purchase presentation equipment that can be put up and taken down without a hassle. Also, consider transportation whenever you are planning for a cause-related event or rally. Can your display pieces be moved by a compact car? Or will you need to rent appropriate vehicles? Advance preparation will greatly benefit the execution of your event, and you will be more relaxed if you do not have to scramble for last-minute collateral and promotional materials.

To assist with your publicity efforts, we feature a wide array of Tradeshow Displays & Signage on our website. You can purchase items like portable tables and custom imprinted banners to enhance the professionalism of your staged protest or campaign. Passersby will be more likely to take notice of an attractively conveyed message, and if you do happen to capture press coverage, your organized rally will be taken more seriously than just a spontaneous get-together. Also, consider purchasing inexpensive giveaway items that support the objectives of your campaign. Items like pens or bumper stickers can gain serious promotional mileage, but make sure that you have adequate supply to distribute to all of the supporters in attendance.

As Americans, we are fortunate to be granted the right of free speech, and in accordance with that right, why not articulate your meaningful words on a customized promotional product or piece of promotional signage?

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Promotional Products for the Hippie Inside Us All

So I’m a couple of days late, but this week (August 15-18) marked the 40th anniversary of what is now regarded as one of the most monumental events in music history, and an icon of the 1960’s hippie counterculture, the Woodstock Music & Art Fair. Billed as “3 Days of Peace & Music” – which ran over into a fourth day – the Woodstock festival lured over 400,000 concertgoers despite heat, rain and mud, to a 600-acre dairy farm in Bethel, New York (43 miles south of the actual town of Woodstock, New York) for a queue of 32 live acts from the likes of the Grateful Dead; Janis Joplin; Creedence Clearwater Revival; The Who; Jefferson Airplane; Joe Cocker; Blood, Sweat & Tears; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; and Jimi Hendrix, just to name a few.

It was originally spawned as a fundraising effort by four young men (the oldest of whom was 27 in the summer of ’69) to raise money to build a recording studio in Woodstock, NY where artists like Bob Dylan and Richard Manuel already resided. Their idea began as a 2-day rock concert for 50,000 people or so in Wallkill, NY, with tickets ranging in price from $7 to $18. It would evolve into the free, 4-day, half a million people event in Bethel it became thanks to the citizens of Wallkill passing a last minute law banning the concert, early arrivals camping out before security gates were placed, and an ultimate decision to make the concert free instead of attempting to pool resources to improve fencing and security. Despite the challenges and changes, the crowds, the rain, the hour-long lines for the toilet, and the result of a $1 million debt and 70 filed lawsuits, Woodstock still produced an overall sense of success as, with the potential for riot and disaster, there was only social harmony and great music.

In honor of Woodstock’s anniversary, I have compiled a list of promotional products to help bring out the hippie that inevitably lies somewhere within us all, the part of our minds and souls where there is only room for peace, love and music.

An acid wash t-shirt – because actual acid was made illegal by the Controlled Substances Act in 1970.

A bandana – because you need something to cover up your greasy, dread-like locks.

Aviator-style sunglasses – because your eyes will need shade from the bright, summer sun.

And of course, a lighter – because legend claims that the practice of waving lighters at concerts began during Woodstock when candles were held aloft as the sun went down and Melanie took the stage.

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A Promotional Product Idea That Is Worth Betting On…

Let me preface this post by saying that I consider myself to be extremely unlucky. Aside from the watergun I won playing Bingo when I was 8, I can’t remember the last time I won a contest or drawing. My sister, on the other hand, continues to win countless freebies: tickets to sporting events from furniture store raffles, numerous movie premiere tickets from radio stations, and even a weekend getaway courtesy of a large hotel chain. My losing streak, however, does not discourage me from trying my luck every so often with scratch-off lottery tickets. 9 times out of 10, I wind up empty-handed, but the mere prospect of scratching off prizewinning boxes is enough to keep me coming back for more. “Not a winner” this time? I guess that means I have to buy another ticket!

One of my favorite giveaway ideas involves the aforementioned scratch-off cards. At a tradeshow booth or even in a direct mailing to valued customers, distribute custom imprinted scratch-off cards to promote your brand. If you are feeling generous, make every card redeemable for an inexpensive gift so that everybody feels like a winner, or vary the price points of your prizes to add to the excitement and suspense. Premium giveaways featuring your company’s logo and contact information can generate buzz and create brand awareness, and you can minimize costs by only giving out a handful of winning cards.

Scratch-off cards, unlike most promotional products, provide an experience instead of just a giveaway item. When people are engaged in a memorable activity related to your company, they are much more likely to think of your brand first and foremost when they have a need for your services in the future. Also, the originality involved with scratch-off card promotions can be helpful in terms of referrals, lead generation, and client retention.

You don’t need luck to ensure the success of your next promotional giveaway- customized scratch cards are destined to do the trick!

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Magic Answer Ball Says…

greeblie-instrument-of-evilI never thought I would have one. I had friends that bought them. I remember passing by rows of different colored ones in my local department store. But I never saw anything special about the little magic toys.
That is until about a week ago, when my entire outlook on the little round liquid filled balls forever changed. Of course I’m talking about the classic Magic Answer Ball!

Until I received one in the mail a few days ago, I never realized how much I would enjoy having the little fellow accompany me on my desk every day! Sent to me from a prominent industry company to announce a future conference, the little answer ball now sits in front of me directly beneath my computer screen. While I don’t actually believe it can predict the future, it’s a great stress reliever! I find myself asking it questions repeatedly throughout the day. Typically asking the same question an average of about four times until I get the answer I want!

The Magic Answer Ball did its job beautifully! It announced an upcoming event in a fun and memorable way. I have no idea what I did with the included literature, but all I have to do is ask it one question and I’m reminded of the date, location and theme of their conference.

Fun toys and games make excellent promotional giveaways. When a client gets something unexpected and fun, they’re more likely to hang on to it. Puzzles, decision makers, yo-yos, even darts, all make excellent promotional gifts.

Give it a try. Branch out from the norm and take a fun approach to your next promotion.

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A Special Holiday for Your Pearly Whites…

Road Runner ToothbrushOn June 26, 1498, the earliest known toothbrush came into existence. It was invented in China, and was initially made from stiff, coarse hog hair affixed to bone or bamboo handles. In 1938, Dupont de Nemours invented the first toothbrushes to feature nylon bristles.

Good oral hygiene is highly valued in today’s world. As a whole, American society strives for brighter, whiter, and straighter teeth to try and emulate the star-quality smiles flashed by celebrities on the red carpet. Toothbrushes are the first item many of us reach for in the morning and the last thing we touch before going to bed, so custom imprinted toothbrushes are certain to impact the lives of your clients or employees.

Dentists, of course, often employ promotional toothbrushes as giveaways, but there are plenty of other professions that, using a creative approach, can effectively integrate dental hygiene products into their marketing mix. Any industry that requires extensive traveling, such as Consulting, should consider distributing practical items like travel toothbrushes or floss dispensers to employees or customers to increase your brand awareness.

In honor of this important day in history (and its implications for your teeth!), be extra precise with your brushing and flossing this weekend!

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Join the Craze…B.Y.O.B.


Deluxe Non Woven Logo BagThat is Bring Your Own Bag! I know what you were thinking… but it’s the Reusable Grocery Bags that are the biggest trend in grocery stores, specialty food shops and convenience stores right now. Almost every retailer is now selling their own branded reusable grocery tote at checkout to encourage a “greener” way of living. The negative impact of plastic bags on the environment has been heavily publicized in recent years. The Environmental Protection Agency released a study in 2001 estimating the U.S. plastic bag, sack and wrap consumption is somewhere around 500 billion, and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. Of those, millions of these plastic bags end up outside of a landfill in our litter stream. It is hard to ignore and now more than ever, people are encouraged to do their part to minimize the environmental damage caused by plastic bags.

I’ve noticed more and more shoppers bringing their own reusable bags to do their weekly grocery shopping and it is becoming embarrassing or shameful to use the store-provided plastic bags. Not only do you not want to be spotted using a plastic bag, but reusable totes are a great promotional marketing opportunity. Think about it, if you purchase imprinted grocery totes and give them to your customers you not only make a statement about your company’s sustainability initiatives, but you also have provided them with a bag featuring your logo that they will be carrying around the grocery store every week. It’s a win win marketing strategy!

For other eco-friendly promotional products, shop our EarthSmart™ line.

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Tradeshow Tips and Tricks, Part 2 of 2


A great way to increase trade-showShow 'N' Rise ™ 10' Curve Floor Mural Display traffic is by holding a raffle or drawing for a premium giveaway. Advertise this contest before the event so that attendees and exhibitors know the prize in advance, or even increase suspense by having a surprise giveaway. Put out a bowl or box (or even a briefcase, as pictured above!) for visitors to enter the contest by submitting a business card, and this way you will be able to follow-up after the drawing.

Now that you know how to lure visitors to your booth, hold their interest by distributing inexpensive giveaways to keep your name fresh in their minds long after the trade-show is over. Remember that unique and exciting giveaways can make a lasting impact on recipients because of their novelty factor, but traditional, more practical items like jotters and journals also prove to be successful time after time.

Impress spectators at your booth by filling folders with marketing collateral about your business, testimonials from past clients or partners, and any other relevant information that could pique their interest. Have several copies scattered around your table or display, and a few extras in case visitors want to take one with them.

Cause a stir at your next trade-show with promo products from Pinnacle Promotions!

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Tradeshow Tips and Tricks, Part 1 of 2

On June 3rd, 1929 the first ever tradeshow was held at Atlantic City Convention Center to focus on the electric light. Whether you call them tradeshows, trade fairs, or expos, these industry events allow businesses and organizations to share information, advertise their wares, and learn about competitors and trends. In America alone, in excess of 2500 tradeshows take place annually, with many virtual tradeshows also taking place online to encourage global participation.

The first contact that your organization will most likely have with other exhibitors and attendees will be a display or booth. Eye-catching and appealing displays and signage are vital in order to distinguish your company from the rest. In light of the high numbers in attendance at most trade shows, use bold colors and concise phrasing to attract attention and showcase your professionalism.

Giveaways and promotional products are other key drivers in drawing a crowd to a booth or display. Participants and other exhibitors will collect numerous goodies throughout the duration of the event, so providing custom imprinted totes and bags to gather belongings is a great way to get your brand noticed from the outset. Additionally, badge holders are valuable promotional tools because participants frequently wear identification badges or name tags around their necks.

Check back tomorrow for more advice to help make your company’s next tradeshow experience both enjoyable and lucrative!

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