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Are You Ready For Some Football?

That time of year is steadily approaching and I can hardly contain my excitement. Of all sports, my favorite is College Football. The sound of the marching bands, the cheering fans, the scents of sweat and grass filling the air; you can’t beat it. I have to say growing up in the Southeast the rivalries are brutal and I don’t know many other parts of the country that take their loyalty as seriously as those fans in the SEC.

Anderson ManciniEven if you aren’t a hardcore sports fanatic, it is always fun to be in the outdoors supporting student athletes in any venue. I have fond memories of my High School days with the cheerleaders and pep rallies giving us the chance to leave school early and gear up for the main event. I still have promotional products like mini footballs and pom-poms from those rallies.

In the spirit of the upcoming season, we at Pinnacle are gearing up, as well. Not only do we have an extensive product line of team gear, we have some of the coolest rally items, too. From Mini Plastic Footballs to Klicker Pom-Poms, we can get the spirit going. So no matter what sport or event you may be a fan of, we can help you spread the cheer!

Go Vols!

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A Promotional Product Idea That Is Worth Betting On…

Let me preface this post by saying that I consider myself to be extremely unlucky. Aside from the watergun I won playing Bingo when I was 8, I can’t remember the last time I won a contest or drawing. My sister, on the other hand, continues to win countless freebies: tickets to sporting events from furniture store raffles, numerous movie premiere tickets from radio stations, and even a weekend getaway courtesy of a large hotel chain. My losing streak, however, does not discourage me from trying my luck every so often with scratch-off lottery tickets. 9 times out of 10, I wind up empty-handed, but the mere prospect of scratching off prizewinning boxes is enough to keep me coming back for more. “Not a winner” this time? I guess that means I have to buy another ticket!

One of my favorite giveaway ideas involves the aforementioned scratch-off cards. At a tradeshow booth or even in a direct mailing to valued customers, distribute custom imprinted scratch-off cards to promote your brand. If you are feeling generous, make every card redeemable for an inexpensive gift so that everybody feels like a winner, or vary the price points of your prizes to add to the excitement and suspense. Premium giveaways featuring your company’s logo and contact information can generate buzz and create brand awareness, and you can minimize costs by only giving out a handful of winning cards.

Scratch-off cards, unlike most promotional products, provide an experience instead of just a giveaway item. When people are engaged in a memorable activity related to your company, they are much more likely to think of your brand first and foremost when they have a need for your services in the future. Also, the originality involved with scratch-off card promotions can be helpful in terms of referrals, lead generation, and client retention.

You don’t need luck to ensure the success of your next promotional giveaway- customized scratch cards are destined to do the trick!

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101 Uses for Promotional Hacky Sacks

kick-bagOkay, so maybe just 6 uses so far, but I got your attention, didn’t I?

Did you know that July 27 – August 2 is World Footbag (Hacky Sack) Week? John Stalberger and Mike Marshall invented the footbag in 1972. Today, the footbag is more commonly known in the United States as the “Hacky Sack,” which is the trademarked name of one particular type of footbag. The name “Hacky Sack” is actually a genericized trademark used to refer not only to the footbag itself, but also to the game of footbag. In the traditional hacky sack circle, two or more players compete to keep the footbag from hitting the ground without the ball touching their hands.

Aside from facilitating a fun and competitive sport, footbags can be used for many other purposes. Keep reading for a few of my suggestions:

1. To promote your brand. Well, I work for a promotional products company, so of course this is going to be my first idea! Our promotional hacky sack can be custom imprinted with your brand’s logo or marketing message to become a unique, enjoyable promotional product. Any item that encourages employees or clients to let loose and engage in a friendly athletic competition is bound to maximize exposure for your company. Pens and office accessories always make for practical branded giveaways, but products that people can enjoy in their leisure time with their families and friends also have potential to turn into favorite possessions. Imagine one of your clients gathering his or her family for a weekend at the beach and being asked by their children, “Did we pack that hacki bag that you got from _____ (fill in your brand name here!)?” Your company can become a household name as a result of a distinctive promotional giveaway like the hacki bag.

2. As a stress reliever. While this should not be the primary purpose of a hacki bag, if a true stress ball is not available, a hacki bag can be a suitable substitute to let out some aggression. It is slightly less squeezable than a stress ball, but can definitely provide a wrist workout in a pinch!

3. Doubles as a paperweight. Heavy, eye-catching, compact. All qualities that are desirable in a paperweight. When customers or employees are not using your hacki bag in one of the other ways outlined on my handy list, why not encourage them to set it on top of their important papers?

4. Portable fitness accessory. Playing hacky sack burns an estimated 281 calories per hour! Healthcare or medical companies can incorporate this product into an informational campaign about the importance of exercise and wellness. We offer hacki bags shaped like footballs or basketballs, which are likely to be broken out for impromptu games at the office because they are probably going to be kept on desktops as paperweights (see Use #3).

5. As a weapon. Well, a playful “weapon,” that is. If a coworker is getting on your last nerves, toss a hacki bag their way. It is lightweight enough not to hurt them, and you can work on your pitching arm at the same time.

6. To prevent clients/employees from resorting to using their cell phones as kick bags… Watch this really cool Vodafone footbag commercial to see what I mean!

Any item that can fill this many unique needs in a person’s life is certain to be a successful promotional tool.

Can you think of any other creative uses for a hacki bag? Leave us a comment with your ideas and maybe we can eventually reach 101 uses!

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Order (with a zippered padfolio) in the court!

Did you know that people worldwide spent more than $18 billion dollars on promotional products last year? I have only just recently joined Pinnacle Promotions Inc. (you may have seen my debut on the Pinnacle blog with my contribution to last week’s What Not to Wear posting as Fashion Police Officer #2), and so am relatively new to the promotional products industry, but have quickly been able to understand the impact of promotional products and realize why companies are putting so much money into this market.

For the past year, I spent my days trying to further my legal career as a paralegal with a criminal defense law firm in Buckhead (shout out to my friends at Conaway, Strickler & Margolis, PC!). While I am happy to now be free to unleash my creativity in writing blogs rather than trying to contain it in writing procedural orders and motions (no offense to all the lawyers out there…), I cannot stop looking at all the promotional products that Pinnacle Promotions offers and thinking of how they could have benefited the law firm. It came at no surprise to me then that purchasers from the professional fields such as doctors, lawyers and CPAs rank in the top 10 among buyers of promotional products. From custom pens to business card cases to ceramic coffee mugs and more, it seems that everywhere I turn I envision an opportunity to print a name and logo on an item and instantly promote a brand. Here are some examples I chose for the legal field:

For the courtroom:
Leed’s Manchester Zippered Padfolio with a writing pad, multiple filing pockets, and a zippered closure to make sure no important legal documents get lost.

For the office:
A Desk Pad Calendar with vinyl corners to keep track of court dates and important meetings.

And for the client:
Perhaps a Policeman Stress Reliever to remind them to stay out of trouble!

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Magic Answer Ball Says…

greeblie-instrument-of-evilI never thought I would have one. I had friends that bought them. I remember passing by rows of different colored ones in my local department store. But I never saw anything special about the little magic toys.
That is until about a week ago, when my entire outlook on the little round liquid filled balls forever changed. Of course I’m talking about the classic Magic Answer Ball!

Until I received one in the mail a few days ago, I never realized how much I would enjoy having the little fellow accompany me on my desk every day! Sent to me from a prominent industry company to announce a future conference, the little answer ball now sits in front of me directly beneath my computer screen. While I don’t actually believe it can predict the future, it’s a great stress reliever! I find myself asking it questions repeatedly throughout the day. Typically asking the same question an average of about four times until I get the answer I want!

The Magic Answer Ball did its job beautifully! It announced an upcoming event in a fun and memorable way. I have no idea what I did with the included literature, but all I have to do is ask it one question and I’m reminded of the date, location and theme of their conference.

Fun toys and games make excellent promotional giveaways. When a client gets something unexpected and fun, they’re more likely to hang on to it. Puzzles, decision makers, yo-yos, even darts, all make excellent promotional gifts.

Give it a try. Branch out from the norm and take a fun approach to your next promotion.

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The Happiest Place (and Promotional Products!) on Earth

AshuGargJuly 17, 1955: Disneyland televised its grand opening in Anaheim, California. Where would the promotional products industry be if not for the influence of Walt Disney? The Disney empire is undoubtedly one of the strongest examples of successful promotional merchandise as a brand-building tool. Did you know that over 14 million tourists pass through Disneyland annually? And that they spend about $3 billion at the park?

The goal of any company or organization is to generate a recognizable image for their brand, and Disney has certainly generated a formula for success that all of us in the marketing world hold in high esteem. From branded apparel to patented technology, Disney’s brand portfolio encompasses an enormous selection of promotional goods. Just the sight of Mickey Mouse ears is enough to cause many consumers to reminisce about their personal experiences with the animated legend and his fictional acquaintances.

Now it would be impossible for any brand to replicate Disney’s rise to prominence, but there are some aspects of the promotional powerhouse’s journey to the top that can be applied to any business.

For example, creativity can be a great way to capture peoples’ hearts and loyalty. Disney’s original idea to open a theme park was unlike anything the world had ever seen, immediately causing a sensation. You can employ similar tactics by thinking outside of the box to surprise and impress your clientele and employees. There are a finite amount of promotional products available on the market, but imprinting these items with your customized logo and message are what make them memorable. The possibilities of designing a completely new and distinctive campaign are endless, and the originality you incorporate into your promotional products purchase will be sure to breed positive buzz for your brand. Whether you opt for unique promotional products, or decide to take advantage of our tried and true best selling promotional products, you can make these items one-of-a-kind giveaways through the content you choose to imprint on them.

Disney also makes an enormous variety of promotional products available to consumers worldwide through their retail stores and outlets. This level of outreach is absolutely not appropriate for the majority of corporations in existence, but the more options you add into your selection of promotional products, the better. Your customers and employees are a diverse group, and an automotive item or fashion tote may not appeal to your entire target market. Try to order products with specific recipients in mind, and even consider choosing two independent sets of products to feature as part of the same campaign or promotion.

Finally, we all relish the opportunity to reflect on our youth, so think about the logo imprinted toys and games you could distribute to workers or patrons- take a page out of Disney’s book and look for promotional products that will integrate fun and magic into your corporate image!

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Squeeze Your Way to Better Health!

A stress ball is a flexible, pliable toy that is available in many different shapes and sizes and fits comfortably in the palm of a person’s hand. It is squeezed in the hand and manipulated by the fingers, ostensibly to either help relieve emotional or mental stress and muscle tension or to exercise the muscles of the hand. Stress balls can also be used to relieve pain or discomfort that is sometimes present in the hand as a result of performing repetitive movements like typing on a keyboard for long periods.

There are lots of types of stress balls. Many are a closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber. The process for making this type of stress ball is by injecting the liquid components of the foam into a mold. The resulting chemical reaction creates carbon dioxide bubbles as a byproduct, which in turn creates the foam. The end product is a solid form, usually a ball shape with a smooth surface, which is full of tiny air bubbles.

Stress balls, especially those used in physical therapy, can also contain gel of different densities inside a rubber or cloth skin. The inside of stress balls are sometimes made with gel, foam, or some other soft material and then covered with any durable fabric that can endure a high amount of handling. Homemade stress balls can be made from rubber balloons that are filled with cornstarch, flour, or some other safe household filler. Some people even prefer making them from all organic fillers such as organic rice, beans, or grains. However, professionally made stress balls are more durable for every day use as they are normally made with higher quality materials. Some stress balls are even made to emit a pleasing scent like lilac or peppermint when they are handled.

Despite the name, stress balls are not always spherical. Many stress toys are molded in amusing shapes and screen or transfer printed with corporate logos. They are presented to employees and clients as promotional gifts. Stress balls are the third most popular promotional gift in the UK. There are literally hundreds of different shapes to meet any marketing requirements. Stress toys are a staple of cubicles where repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome are common. Because of the many shapes now available, stress balls are generically known as stress relievers, and are a popular corporate promotional product.

Stress balls are usually not safe for small children or animals as they may be torn or punctured and the child or animal may be exposed to very messy or even toxic materials contained inside the balls. However, knowing how stress balls are made can come in handy for craft activities for children over the age of eight and adults who want to have a unique, but useful, stress reliever made from the materials of their choosing. Since they can be made either by hand or by a company who specializes in their manufacture, a wide selection of stress balls can be found to fit almost any person’s taste or personality. Regardless of the shape or size, most find that stress balls are hard to resist handling whenever one is nearby.

So, how does the stress ball help in relieving stress? You experience muscle tension when your hand is turned into a fist, even when there is nothing in your palm. Once you release the grip, muscle tension is also released. Gripping and releasing your hand exercises your muscles and helps you reduce stress. The stress ball gives you something to grip. This helps make the stress relieving exercises more effective. Stress balls are made of either foam or gel and easily squeezable in the palm of your hand and released causing a calm and soothing effect. It helps to refocus you energy and lower your blood pressure, which helps to reduce stress.

Help clients and employees reduce the stress in their everyday lives by giving them custom imprinted stress balls from Pinnacle Promotions!

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Let the Sun Shine In!

promotional lip balmI don’t know about you, but during the summer I sometimes find it hard to concentrate. Now I know we all work incredibly hard, but on occasion the beaming sun and hot summer air just calls to me!

If you suffer from this same condition, bring a little sunshine inside! Summer’s a fun time filled with vacations, holidays and family. Keep the mood light and bright in your office over these hot months.

Some of my favorite products for these sunshiny days are Goofy Group products. This fun product line includes bath and body products like lip balm and hand sanitizer, along with office-appropriate gifts like pens and notepads. Some of the pens and stress relievers even include sounds and messages.

Keep your promotions fresh and fun this summer. Brighten up your desk, home or purse with these goofy promos!

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Trips to the Water Cooler, Staring Off into Space, and Chewing on Pen Caps Just Not Cutting It Anymore?

sunshinecityHave no fear- Pinnacle Promotions may have just what you need to help your employees and/or customers observe National Anti-Boredom Month! Experts have proven that taking regular breaks during the workday can actually increase productivity. A little creativity never hurt anyone, and providing workers with mentally stimulating, fun office toys is a great way to enhance job satisfaction.

Custom imprinted cube puzzles are a throwback to the classic Rubik’s Cube, but manage to subtly incorporate your brand’s logo into the challenge. Designate a few minutes a day for employees to work on the puzzle. You can even consider rewarding the first person who is able to solve it- friendly competition enables coworkers to interact and can foster a sense of community within the office.

This Perplexia Master Pyramid is another desktop game that can keep recipients’ hands (and minds!) busy during moments of downtime. Brainteasers and mind games have an inherent stress-relief quality that is beneficial to hard-working professionals, and they may therefore view this gift as an escape from the pressures of everyday life. It is certain to spark discussion among office visitors.

Lastly, the Promotional Slide Puzzle is an inexpensive option to distribute at sponsored events or business meetings. It is an innovative item to integrate with a specific campaign or theme, as it features ample room on the front and back to accommodate your marketing message. The low price is an added bonus- you can’t afford NOT to purchase this popular promotional giveaway for your brand!

There is no reason for you to hear employees or clients complaining of boredom or burnout this month when so many exciting and unique Office Toys and Games are available to entertain them, while also advertising your business.

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