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Bueller… Bueller…

I have to say I was in shock after hearing the news of director/writer/producer John Hughes’ unexpected passing earlier this month. It is always sad to hear of someone passing, but even more so when it comes too soon in one’s life.I may be a bit young to be quoting lines from his films, but that is just a testament to his work and the fact that he could relate to the youth of that generation and even those that followed. His most famous films (Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller) centered on the high school genre and revolved around one student’s woes or how a group of students interacted with one another.

Since the school year is beginning again for all of us in the real world, I thought it was appropriate to pay homage to one of the greats in the entertainment industry whom immersed himself in teen “dramedy”. We always want our kids to be prepared for whatever may come their way and Pinnacle is a great place to find supplies that make things a little easier. Not only do we have some stylish backpacks and cool functional USB drives, but we also carry the “not so fun” but necessary promotional items like pens and composition notebooks

So the next time you catch one of John’s flicks on TV or have nostalgia for those high school years just- “Don’t you, forget about me (Pinnacle)” for getting you geared up.

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“Saved by the Bell”: The Pinnacle Years (Continued)

vauvau-high-school-lockersAnd now for Part Two of Friday’s blog tribute to “Saved by the Bell”… What better way to discuss promotional products than by relating them to a television series that impacted so many lives throughout its time on the air?

Kelly: Kelly Kapowski’s peppy personality, natural beauty, and adoration for her large family quickly made her America’s Sweetheart. When her father lost his job, she insisted on giving back the money he had given her to buy her dream prom dress to help with family expenses. For employees or clients who, like Kelly, possess the admirable qualities of selflessness and generosity, why not encourage them to pamper themselves for once, instead of only looking out for the well-being of others? Products featured in our “Pamper Yourself (Spa)” category can provide valued customers and staff with the necessary tools to relax and treat themselves to some “me” time.

Lisa: Lisa Turtle was always sassy, strong-willed, and most of all, stylish! For fashionistas like Lisa, our selection of Fashion Totes or Women’s Apparel will help them set the trends, as well as promoting your brand as hip and cutting-edge. In multiple episodes, Lisa’s friends often walked into her bedroom unannounced to find her doing aerobics along with a videotape. The popularity of Aerobics is undeniable, and items related to the fitness craze are great options to promote healthy exercise habits. Some of the newest (and in my opinion, coolest!) workout accessories to hit the market are balance boards. These pieces of equipment challenge the user’s coordination, core strength, and flexibility. And now, you can customize them with your brand logo and marketing message! Both men and women can utilize this innovative fitness tool, as it can definitely spice up an otherwise repetitive workout regimen.

Jessie: Jessie Spano’s determination, intellect, and competitive nature were admirable qualities that made her successful in any endeavor she undertook at Bayside. Whether she was advocating for women’s rights by criticizing Slater’s chauvinistic ways or attending protests related to preserving the environment, Jessie certainly spoke up for what she believed in. If you are looking for promotional gifts to please recipients dedicated to protecting the environment, consider items from our EarthSmart™ category. These selections are made from recycled materials, recyclable, and/or help conserve energy. In addition, Pinnacle donates a portion of the proceeds from sales of these items to 1% for the Planet so that the money can be put to good use by non-profit environmental groups. If the audience you intend to target with your promotional products is associated with philanthropic organizations, take a look at our Non-Profit/Associations category to find the perfect gifts or giveaways.

I hope you enjoyed these blast-from-the-past blog posts inspired by one of TV’s most memorable sitcoms as much as I enjoyed writing them! Next time you purchase promotional products, draw from the world around you (including the fictional world housed in your television screen!) for ideas, and take the characteristics of your intended recipient(s) into account when selecting ideal custom imprinted gifts.

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Grandma Knows Best!

As my grandmother has always told me, “Never trust a skinny cook!”

I know firsthand after working here at Pinnacle Promotions, there are a few things that never get old. One of those things is selling promotional products that make our lives in the kitchen just a bit easier.

Industry research suggests that promotional products that end up in our kitchens often have a longer shelf life & generate more overall marketing impressions to the consumer than most others. A few favorites that have had staying power in my kitchen include the Supreme Pizza Cut-It. A consistent top seller, this item is great for your favorite frozen pizza or even as a playdough slicer for the little ones. (Don’’t worry. The plastic blade is awesome for cutting pizza, but safe for developing fingers!)

What blog would be complete without mentioning the glory that is ice cream?  How could we possibly survive without the little guys that make ice cream possible?  The Ice Cream Scoop-It keeps your logo in plain sight while making the ice cream easy to scoop out.  It is perfect for birthdays or any company event.

With these functional kitchen utensils, I am sure I have made my grandmother proud and probably hungry.

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A Night at the Movies

Hitchster-Fortuna-Movie-TheatreSo it’s that time of year again. Time for the release of those much-anticipated blockbuster movies. I personally cannot wait to see The Ugly Truth and the newest installment of one of my all-time favorite series, Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince!

While people across the country are still cutting back on their spending, moviegoers everywhere are still enjoying their buttery popcorn and giant soda-fountain beverages everywhere!

As the movie season begins, it brings back a flood of memories from my teenage and college years. Movies have always been such a great escape from the daily grind. I especially LOVE to go to movie premiers!

First you get in FREE! I know. What could possibly be better than a free movie?! How about FREE giveaways! With fun contests to get the audience pumped up for each screening, promoters give away t-shirts, caps, tote bags – I even won a complete season of the Simpson’s television show one time!

What better way to promote your movie. Give fans imprinted products before they see your movie. They’ll be more excited about seeing the show (who isn’t happy after winning a prize!) and they’ll wear/carry your product after the screening – giving you tons of almost-free advertising.

So even if you aren’t a movie or television producer, use their logic to promote your own business. Draw them in and get them pumped about your product or business. Not only will they look more favorably on you because of your kind gesture, but they’ll likely spread the word about you –whether by word-of-mouth or through the display of your logo on their person.

Enjoy the movies!

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The Happiest Place (and Promotional Products!) on Earth

AshuGargJuly 17, 1955: Disneyland televised its grand opening in Anaheim, California. Where would the promotional products industry be if not for the influence of Walt Disney? The Disney empire is undoubtedly one of the strongest examples of successful promotional merchandise as a brand-building tool. Did you know that over 14 million tourists pass through Disneyland annually? And that they spend about $3 billion at the park?

The goal of any company or organization is to generate a recognizable image for their brand, and Disney has certainly generated a formula for success that all of us in the marketing world hold in high esteem. From branded apparel to patented technology, Disney’s brand portfolio encompasses an enormous selection of promotional goods. Just the sight of Mickey Mouse ears is enough to cause many consumers to reminisce about their personal experiences with the animated legend and his fictional acquaintances.

Now it would be impossible for any brand to replicate Disney’s rise to prominence, but there are some aspects of the promotional powerhouse’s journey to the top that can be applied to any business.

For example, creativity can be a great way to capture peoples’ hearts and loyalty. Disney’s original idea to open a theme park was unlike anything the world had ever seen, immediately causing a sensation. You can employ similar tactics by thinking outside of the box to surprise and impress your clientele and employees. There are a finite amount of promotional products available on the market, but imprinting these items with your customized logo and message are what make them memorable. The possibilities of designing a completely new and distinctive campaign are endless, and the originality you incorporate into your promotional products purchase will be sure to breed positive buzz for your brand. Whether you opt for unique promotional products, or decide to take advantage of our tried and true best selling promotional products, you can make these items one-of-a-kind giveaways through the content you choose to imprint on them.

Disney also makes an enormous variety of promotional products available to consumers worldwide through their retail stores and outlets. This level of outreach is absolutely not appropriate for the majority of corporations in existence, but the more options you add into your selection of promotional products, the better. Your customers and employees are a diverse group, and an automotive item or fashion tote may not appeal to your entire target market. Try to order products with specific recipients in mind, and even consider choosing two independent sets of products to feature as part of the same campaign or promotion.

Finally, we all relish the opportunity to reflect on our youth, so think about the logo imprinted toys and games you could distribute to workers or patrons- take a page out of Disney’s book and look for promotional products that will integrate fun and magic into your corporate image!

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Promotional Products in Our Daily Lives

kyz-what'sinmybagToday, rather than focusing on an unusual event or theme, I’d like to walk you through my ordinary, run-of-the-mill Saturday and all of the ways that products benefited my everyday life. These items can be easily customized to advertise your brand, exposing your customers or employees to your company’s logo or message hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of times a year. Just think: I am only one person… If I managed to incorporate this many normal items into my daily activities, your impact on an entire workforce or client base could be huge!

In the morning, I woke to the incessant buzzing of my alarm clock and rolled out of bed. I stumbled to the bathroom, took my glasses out of their case, and reached for my toothbrush. Armed with minty fresh breath, I decided to start my day, which involved cooking breakfast, going grocery shopping, and hitting the pool before a night out with my friends.

I do not possess outstanding culinary prowess, but I have been trying to master some of the basics- scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and biscuits. Two classic promotional kitchen utensils that I made use of would look great imprinted with your logo: a timer and oven mitt are kitchen staples that should be found in every household.

After chowing down and then cleaning up the mess in my kitchen, I grabbed my car keys and raced out the door. Anybody who knows me personally has seen my unwieldy collection of key chains– from key chain flashlights to carabiners, I have them all. Key chains make a fantastic gift for employees or clients, as we all need our car or house keys on our person at all times.

My first stop was the grocery store, and I had come prepared with a handful of non woven bags. These bags get lots of mileage and serve to promote your company’s environmentally sound business practices to observers.

Next, I dropped off my groceries at home, and took a quick break to refuel before gathering my supplies for the pool. I threw promotional beach items like sunscreen, a beach towel, and a radio into my beach bag and claimed my spot in the sunshine. Any outing to the pool would be incomplete without these products, which makes them ideal options for displaying information about your brand. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and interests so can’t help but provide high exposure for your business.

After lounging poolside for much of the afternoon, I reluctantly came inside to prepare for my night out. I took my cell phone out of its holder and called a few friends to meet up for dinner. I made sure to take my camera out of its desktop charging station so I could document our shenanigans to laugh about later!

There is no way I could include every single product that was involved in making my day run smoothly, but that just proves my initial claim to be true: the opportunities are endless for your brand to make a lasting impression through the use of promotional items. What better way to get your company noticed than by making the lives of your employees and customers easier?

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Break Out Your Biking Gear!

The Tour de France is one of the oldest and most prestigious bicycle races in the world. The 96th annual Tour de France began on July 4th and continues through July 26th, covering over 2000 miles of France and its neighboring countries. The 23 day race draws some of the most esteemed cyclists from across the globe, and on-going television coverage allows those of us unable to jetset to Europe for the race to watch it from the comfort of our own homes.

Whether your customers or employees are aspiring Lance Armstrongs or just cycle to stay in shape, all bikers require the same basic items during their rides. Promotional products related to cycling can make great “thank you” gifts, holiday presents, or general giveaways. Versatile ideas include water bottles and reflective backpacks, both of which can be enjoyed by non-bikers and bikers alike. Not only are these options practical, but they also increase visibility of your brand and logo around the community.

The “green” movement taking the planet by storm has inspired many people to bike to work rather than drive, as automobiles release large quantities of harmful pollutants into the air. Reward environmentally conscious employees with an EarthSmart™ award plaque made from recycled materials. This gift recognizes their dedication to sustainable causes in a manner that is consistent with their eco-friendly actions.

Inspire your colleagues and clients to venture out into the fresh air for a bicycle ride toting custom products featuring your company’s logo and message!

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Go Team!

JohnRH4I was checking my email today and stumbled across an email from one of our apparel manufacturers. They only sell collegiate sportswear and they do it well! Their casual plaid patterns, over-sized sweatshirts and casual tees brought me back to my early college days.

Back then nothing was better than waking up and changing into my pajama-like outfit to go to my 8am classes. I mean, you wanted to look like you just rolled out of bed, but you had to be clean!

Still to this day one of my favorite fall weekend sweaters is my gray Champion® crew-neck sweatshirt with ‘Georgia State University’ across the front. And there is nothing better than throwing on my sweats and bumming around on those lazy afternoons.

Now, as the end of summer nears and the start of the new school year approaches, it’s the perfect time to think about your back-to-school promotions. Outfit your students and teachers with great promotional crewneck sweatshirts. They’ll wear them now, and, if they’re anything like me, I guarantee they’ll wear them until the sleeves fall off! And since we only sell the highest quality merchandise, manufactured by the most respected brands, that isn’t likely to happen.

If branded spiritwear isn’t your thing, try a messenger bag or even custom spirit accessories like hand fans, sports horns or foam footballs. No matter what promotion you choose, you’ll get your students, teachers and parents ramped up for the start of a new year. And with tons of people touting your name, you’ll get tons of inexpensive brand exposure!

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Want to Keep Up With the Joneses? How About the Browns or the Smiths?

July is Family Reunion Month! If your family has a gathering planned, outfit your kin in style with custom imprinted promotional products. Members of your family will stand out from other guests at hotels and venues if each of you wear or carry an item proudly displaying your family’s last name. Your uniform appearance will also look great when captured on camera! Custom giveaways are not only applicable to family reunions, as fun promotional products are certain to be a hit at high school, college, or workplace reunions. Consider investing in personalized t-shirts or tote bags– even the kids can join the fun with shirts available in youth sizes. Think of a catchy slogan or mascot to adorn your gear and start a tradition that you can continue years into the future.

If this post is inspiring you to throw together a last minute, impromptu reunion, do not fret! With our selection of products available on RocketShip 24-Hour Express Service™, your order can be ready in no time at all… And don’t let the size of your family or group limit your choice of products; our Low Minimums section has plenty of options for smaller get-togethers .

At your reunion this month, don’t just keep up with the Joneses- use trendy promotional products to show them that your group has exceptional style and pizazz!

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Show Your Spirit!

Lorena CupcakeSo as I’m sure you all know, next Saturday is Independence Day!  If you’re like me and love a good cookout and fireworks display, the 4th is one of the best days of the year. What better time to spend with family and friends while sporting your red, white and blue? I know I’ll be out on the lake, kicking back with a cool drink in my red, white and blue Koozie!

This year make your Independence Day celebration a success with great (and necessary!) imprinted apparel and products.  Sit in style with a collapsible, folding insulated cooler logo chair and don’t forget your cooler- where else will you store your fried chicken, sweet tea and apple pie?!

So have fun, relax and enjoy the fireworks! And after all the fun and festivities of the day are over, don’t forget to take a minute to reflect on this important day.

Happy Fourth Everyone!

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