Promotional Cameras Help Connect Individuals using “Skype in the Classroom”

With social interaction gaining prominence in today’s society, it is important to have the right promotional cameras to effectively contribute to this interactive realm. Whether you or your organization are interested in directly interacting with individuals through Face Time, Twitter, Facebook, or Foursquare to name a few, personalized promotional cameras can provide you with this opportunity all while promoting your organization!

Skype, the “real-time-face-time” software application has become a big hit in the educational world. Teachers are using this tool to connect with other educators and specialists around the world in order to bring guest speakers and field trips directly to the classroom. To help teachers network more easily, Skype launched its newest network for teachers, Skype in the Classroom, on Tuesday. Using this new platform, teachers create profiles centered around the subjects, language, and age groups they teach, allowing them to more efficiently search for relevant subjects.

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