Sweater Weather

I feel like an early episode of Game of Thrones everytime I say it, but it’s undeniable: “Winter is coming”.

Though it’s bound to be a less ominous season than Ned Stark meant, unless all those coldest-winter-ever predictions are true,  mornings and evenings here in Atlanta are starting to get chilly. As much as I love summer and record high temperatures, there is one silver lining to fall and winter- it’s officially sweater weather!

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Product Pick: Reversible Sweatshirts!

I have found the ultimate apparel choice for the weekend…. a reversible sweatshirt! I love to couch surf on the weekends; this is the prefect gear for my sport.

Reversible Sweatshirt

This smart style features an 80/20-cotton/polyester blend with kangaroo pockets and a secure “secret” pocket to keep valuables safe. You can choose to embroider it for a classic look or silkscreen for a trendier touch. This garment has 4 customizable sides to decorate! The reversible sweatshirt comes in hooded and zipped, hooded pullover and basic crewneck styles. Wear your reversible sweatshirt running, power walking or just running errands.

Perfect for team warm-ups, universities, clubs, sororities/fraternities etc. I also think the reversible sweatshirt would be prefect for traveling and easy to pack, who would not like two looks with one piece of clothing! Why can’t all of our clothing be reversible? Just kidding.

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