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Stylus Pen with Gift

I am a huge fan of gifts with purchase and have talked myself into many a makeup shopping spree because I loved the free tote and samples I’d get along with my purchase. Now you can take advantage of our own free gift with purchase if you’re looking to buy stylus pens!

Stylus pens have steadily risen in the ranks of popular pens, with it’s knockout combination that enables you to go from paper to touchscreen just by flipping which side you’re are using. The Premium Stylus Pen is no exception and boasts metal-tone features and a soft rubber grip that will make it easy for your recipients to take notes during meetings or class without hurting their fingers. And for a short while longer, starting with a 1,000 minimum order you’ll receive a gift with your awesome new stylus pens. Depending on the size of your order, you could receive Keurig Elite B40 Coffeemaker, or a MacBook air or any gift of your choice. Check out all your choices here! Sometimes having to order new promotional products can feel like a chore but we all know that chores are often easier if there’s incentive at the end. Make sure to check out the Premium Stylus Pen and gift options!

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Low-Fidelity iPhone

This weekend my beloved iPhone 3GS met an untimely end when it slipped from my hand and landed on concrete screen first. I’ve dropped that phone a hundred times in the years that I’ve had it and I probably should have had it on a stand, but I knew when I heard an odd crunchy noise that we had reached the end. When I picked it up, the screen was completely shattered and I was finally conviced it was time for a new phone . But any sadness of the loss of my 2 year old phone has been replaced by the accessory-craze I get each time I upgrade! For this phone, I’m thinking of taking a retro-vintage vibe with my accessory collection, contrasting all that ever-changing technology with a few timeless pieces (hence the low-fi title today).  Best of all, the cellphone accessory collection at Pinnacle means this will be my most stylish and well-protected iPhone yet.

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