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“That’s a Tier 2 problem.” Ummmm…what?

“That’s a Tier 2 problem.” Ummmm…what?

My laptop was not working. I had no idea what was wrong with it. So, I took my computer to a store that sells that computer, and that computer only. Upon further inspection, the technician kindly let me know that I have a “Tier 2” problem. I asked, “What is a Tier 2 problem?” He answered, “About $250.” Ummmm…what?

Many industries have their own terms that are proprietary to the market or industry. The promotional products industry is no different. We have assembled a few of our favorite terms here that some customers may know, but these terms might not necessarily be household names. Not only will we define them for you, but we’ll do it in less than #sixwords!

Four-color process
: Your full-color-logo on something
Stock the closet: Your corporate stash of promo items
Setup charge: Charge to setup the imprinting machine
Imprint: Your logo or design for production
Vector: Points and lines that make shapes
Raster: Squares of pixels that make shapes
Pad print: Stamp your imprint on your item
Deboss: Elegant concave imprint on squishable item
Digitizing: Embroidered image becomes digital sewing file
PMS Color: Color number matching your brand guidelines (PMS LINK)
Run Charge: Charge per color for color printing
Flash Charge: White base for dark printing wearables

Any other terms you want us to explain in #sixwords? We’re here for you! Check out our FAQs for more information.

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Are You a Promo Hoarder?

According to the European Promotional Products Association, a whopping 91% of consumers keep a promotional product in their kitchen. This was surprising to me, until I realized that the EPPA was talking about me. Not only do I do this, but also I might be a promotional product hoarder.promfi infographic_11f1ec510dbe285b39baca0385b3afef

The best burger place in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is called Scotty P’s. There are six locations. The menu items are the same at each location, but are named specific to that location. For example, the BBQ burger is called the Watson Burger at the Allen location, and the Warren Burger at the Frisco location based on prominent members of those communities.

It’s not just the food that draws you to Scotty P’s. For years, they gave a plastic cup with each drink purchase. scottypsThere was no upsell attached to the cup. You bought a drink; you got a cup with their logo imprinted on it. As loyal customers, we have more than one Scotty P’s cup. The Pink cup during October was especially sought after.  Some restaurants maintain arrangements with their drink brand to provide promotional cups. These cups are usually co-branded with the restaurant logo and the drink brand logo. The Scotty P’s cups are just branded with their corporate logo.

Inspired by the EPPA statistics, I decided to take a look around the kitchen. After further review, I decided I might be a promo hoarder. I own more than 30+ Scotty P’s cups. And, I don’t even live in Texas any longer.

Are you one of the 55% of people who keep a promotional product in your bedroom? Are you one of the 25% of people who use a promotional pen in the home or office?  Tell us: Are you a promotional products hoarder?

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Promotional Cameras Help Connect Individuals using “Skype in the Classroom”

With social interaction gaining prominence in today’s society, it is important to have the right promotional cameras to effectively contribute to this interactive realm. Whether you or your organization are interested in directly interacting with individuals through Face Time, Twitter, Facebook, or Foursquare to name a few, personalized promotional cameras can provide you with this opportunity all while promoting your organization!

Skype, the “real-time-face-time” software application has become a big hit in the educational world. Teachers are using this tool to connect with other educators and specialists around the world in order to bring guest speakers and field trips directly to the classroom. To help teachers network more easily, Skype launched its newest network for teachers, Skype in the Classroom, on Tuesday. Using this new platform, teachers create profiles centered around the subjects, language, and age groups they teach, allowing them to more efficiently search for relevant subjects.

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Get Creative With Mobile Marketing-Print QR Codes on Logo Apparel

If you’ve seen QR codes popping up on logo apparel, in magazines, or on retail windows, it’s because these distinct 2-D matrix bar codes are gaining lots of traction in the interactive and mobile marketing realm.

QR codes, also known as quick-response codes, are considered a convenience-oriented matrix that’s connecting the physical world to the digital world, instantly. Marketers have integrated QR codes into their campaigns because it’s engaging prospects. Now, by just scanning these codes with a web-enabled mobile phone, consumers on the go can instantly interact with their brand.

Through the codes, companies directly connect consumers to whatever information they wish to promote; whether it is a product page, a Facebook “like” page, coupons, or a campaign. Another attractive feature is the codes ability to measure response rates leading to a more accurate ROI calculation.

Now that QR codes are just beginning to gain traction in the U.S, you can still stay ahead of the creative marketing curve by incorporating QR codes with logo apparel. Promotional products such as shirts and hats last far longer than printed collateral such as flyers and direct mailers. Similarly, by printing a QR code on to logo apparel your company creates a walking marketing campaign! Continue reading →

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Flaming Lips will Release New Songs on Promotional Flash Drives… Embedded in 7-lb. Gummi Skulls

The Flaming Lips aren’t exactly known for being conventional, which is why their new strategy for creating and disseminating music – while innovative – comes as no surprise to fans. Despite the fact that the Lips have been making music together since the early 1980s, they’re far from becoming obsolete: as frontman Wayne Coyne explains in a recent interview with Mashable, the band has embraced the changes that have troubled members of the music industry and are using social media, smartphone apps, and other new technologies to release their latest album as it’s built, one song at a time.

Coyne points out in the interview that yes, the Internet has made it virtually impossible for artists to prevent their music from being distributed widely and free of charge, a reality that has been a constant source of conflict since the days of Napster and P2P filesharing – but he also encourages musicians to use this to their advantage. The Lips’ recent release of a new single did just that: the song, which is split into twelve different YouTube videos meant to be played simultaneously, is meant to utilize multiple devices and thus encourages collective experience in a way that’s antithetical to the negative spin the music industry has always put on the term “filesharing.”

In addition to using social media, the Flaming Lips will make three upcoming songs tangible by putting them onto promotional flash drives that will be embedded in the gummi brains of some custom-made, 7-lb. gummi skulls. The promotional flash drives can only be accessed by chowing down on the sugary skulls, which will likely result in a huge tummyache that I assume will immobilize listeners by the time they get to the music itself.

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