Seth Godin

My Quest to Become a Promotional Product Linchpin

I want to start out by saying I’m a huge Seth Godin fan!  I was turned onto him about two years ago when a co-worker told me about his blog; I checked it out and signed up to receive his blog entries delivered to my inbox everyday.  I didn’t give it much thought, but time and again I was shocked at how his blog related to the work I was doing.  His blog really made me think about innovative business & marketing strategies and how to re-evaluate and fine tune what I was already doing.

That being said, when his new book, Linchpin came out I was thrilled that my co-worker, Kim ordered a copy and said I could borrow it when she was done.  A few weeks later Kim ran into my office elated with a letter from Seth and another copy of his book, LinchpinContinue reading

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