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Oooh, That’s Cute

Our office manager Leighann sent me the link to this wonderful umbrella the other day.  Isn’t it cute?  An umbrella that looks like lettuce is just so fun.

Unfortunately, the Vegetabrella is not a promotional product. It’s available on this Japanese website for 4,725 yen (about $55 USD – must be organic) and unbranded.

And while we can’t sell it to you, we do have a lot of things on our site that are just as cute.  In fact, we have an entire category devoted to it.

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Low-Fidelity iPhone

This weekend my beloved iPhone 3GS met an untimely end when it slipped from my hand and landed on concrete screen first. I’ve dropped that phone a hundred times in the years that I’ve had it and I probably should have had it on a stand, but I knew when I heard an odd crunchy noise that we had reached the end. When I picked it up, the screen was completely shattered and I was finally conviced it was time for a new phone . But any sadness of the loss of my 2 year old phone has been replaced by the accessory-craze I get each time I upgrade! For this phone, I’m thinking of taking a retro-vintage vibe with my accessory collection, contrasting all that ever-changing technology with a few timeless pieces (hence the low-fi title today).  Best of all, the cellphone accessory collection at Pinnacle means this will be my most stylish and well-protected iPhone yet.

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