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Amazon Delivers Groceries (In Reusable Grocery Bags)

Want your groceries delivered fresh to your door? At no extra cost? In reusable grocery bags? If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, you may be in luck. Amazon is considering the launch of a new grocery delivery service that aims to provide users with fresh produce and meats, straight to their door. The delivery service, named AmazonTote, is currently being tested by employees in the Seattle area. Unlike Amazon Fresh, a grocery delivery service currently available to Seattle residents, AmazonTote provides free, weekly service. In fact, “there are no subscriptions, minimum delivery sizes, or fees,” according to the information on Amazon’s website. All you have to do is select items you wish to have delivered, and they will show up at your door in sealed, weather-resistant reusable grocery bags (which purchasers can keep!)

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