Smithsonian Fans Illuminate History’s Hardcore Side with Promotional Items

When consumers begin to associate a brand with old age or the past, it might be time to rebrand – which companies have successfully done through strategically contemporary marketing campaigns (such as Old Spice’s social media campaign, which garnered over 23 million YouTube views in just 36 hours). Whether online videos or promotional items are the vehicle by which rebranding is achieved is irrelevant; what’s important is that it is possible, so executives don’t need to start applying for jobs as soon as surveys show that a brand has an antiquated connotation.

In an attempt to show off the cooler side of the Smithsonian Institute, a team of artists recently launched a campaign to illuminate some “Historically Hardcore” heroes, including Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, and Genghis Khan. Through a series of promotional items and posters, the artists attempt to appeal to a younger demographic’s interests by illustrating some of the biggest and baddest moments and figures in world history.

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