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Promotional Umbrellas: Three Surprising Things You Don’t Know

Promotional Umbrellas: Three Surprising Things You Don’t Know

It’s raining, it’s pouring – so get your brand soaring! (With a promotional umbrella!)

You may not give a second thought to the average umbrella, however, with some embellishment – and a little bit of branding – you can turn a boring umbrella into an effective marketing machine!

Custom umbrellas do so much more than just protect your clientele from the elements. They also serve as much-needed staples at company outings, as essential accessories for a few rounds on the golf course and as top real estate for gaining a little extra brand exposure.

Getting your logo custom printed onto a promotional umbrella is a great way to (literally) get your brand above the heads of your competition, and your audience will thank you every time your branded umbrella keeps them dry, cool and so much more.

In case we haven’t yet persuaded you, here are three surprising things you probably didn’t know about promotional umbrellas:

One: Promotional umbrellas make a BIG statement.

Unlike other promotional products, the sheer size of custom umbrellas provides massive space for applying your branding. This extra space allows you the freedom to fully customize your umbrella with your brand, logo or company message, and it’s certainly a bold and easy way to stand out in a sea of traditional advertising. Promotional umbrellas provide an opportunity to unobtrusively get your brand into the lives of your customers in a meaningful and useful way. You don’t need to be a promotional expert to see how your brand can make a big statement with custom-printed promotional umbrellas. Try something like this 60″ Promotional Golf Umbrella for your next outdoor event and more!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.15.30 AM

60″ Arc Promotional Golf Umbrella

Two: Promotional umbrellas have higher visibility than other promotional items.

As stated before, promotional umbrellas have an advantage above other promotional products due to their sheer size and availability for branding. They are large platforms for advertising your logo, and they send a branded message that won’t soon be forgotten. Come rain or shine, custom umbrellas are perfect for gaining brand exposure and recognition. Snag a custom umbrella like this 68″ Arc Vented Windproof and nothing will be able to rain on your parade.

68" Arc Vented, Windproof Umbrella

68″ Arc Vented, Windproof Umbrella

Three: Your brand and marketing message lasts longer with custom umbrellas.

Promotional items like custom umbrellas are sure to be used time and time again, ensuring that your brand resonates with customers over a long period of time. This, in addition to the umbrella’s portability, gives you ample opportunity to effectively gain the brand exposure you hope to acquire. Everyone from the on-the-go businessman to the avid camper will be seeing and using your logoed umbrella, and they’ll be resonating with your brand every time they do. This 37″ Promotional Umbrella with a handy travel case is perfect for a little on-the-go brand promotion.

37" Arc Promotional Umbrella with Travel Case

37″ Arc Promotional Umbrella with Travel Case

With promotional umbrellas, you can inspire customers to interact with your brand, and you’ll be establishing a long-lasting relationship with them.

Your recipients will be carrying your message with them everywhere they go, ensuring your brand and logo will be gaining exposure with audiences across the board.

Be sure to take advantage of the immense branding opportunity that comes with getting your logo custom printed onto promotional umbrellas. It’s sure to be a forecast for marketing success!


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Hurricane Irene: For Some, Just an Excuse to Make Use of Promotional Umbrellas

Hurricane Sidewalk
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: edenpictures

Although Hurricane Irene advanced at a mere 14 miles per hour over the weekend, a much slower pace than typical coastal hurricanes, it stretched over 260 miles from the center in some directions, affecting the populations of 12 states- possibly the greatest number of people ever threatened by a single storm in the United States. While it did not wreak as much havoc as originally anticipated, many states are continuing to battle raging floodwaters, far-reaching power outages, and immense structural damage to buildings and homes. The hurricane took at least 21 lives in nine states, but the full extent of devastation has yet to be determined. On behalf of Pinnacle, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the storm.

In Manhattan, authorities far overestimated the impact of Irene, which many New Yorkers affectionately refer to as, “Hurricane I-rain.” Citydwellers stocked up on food, water, batteries, and other survival tools at the end of last week when a state of emergency was declared. Fortunately for the city that never sleeps, a lost weekend of sales and the costs of repairing storm damage appear to be the only casualties.

And on a sunnier note, Manhattanites can put their promotional umbrellas back into their coat closets to save them for another rainy day!

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Protect Festivalgoers from the Elements with Promotional Umbrellas

promotional umbrellas

When the weather warms up and the flowers and trees begin to bloom, Atlantans know that we can count on having a handful of festivals to choose from every weekend. From Inman Park to Alpharetta, Decatur to Downtown, it seems that every neighborhood has its own signature celebration that draws thousands of people to a single park, street, or city block every year.

While themes of the area’s festivals vary widely – holidays, food items, and local flora & fauna all take a turn in the spotlight – they do have a number of things in common: they provide locals and out-of-towners alike with the opportunity to come together over a common subject to enjoy and benefit the host community. Providing festivalgoers with a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the event is a duty that all festival committees share, and one that is particularly important during the hot, sunny Saturdays that characterize an Atlanta summer. Setting up tables topped with promotional umbrellas is a great way to make sure that attendees stick around and enjoy themselves.

Trees, tents, and promotional umbrellas can all provide some much-appreciated relief from sunshine (and rain) within festival grounds, allowing visitors to take a break without having to miss any sights and sounds – at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival’s Beer Garden, pictured above, festivalgoers could enjoy their food and drinks underneath Corona Light promotional umbrellas near the event’s main stage.

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Great Lakes Tornado Warning and Promotional Umbrellas

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Trending Topic Tuesday,” where we share our take on what’s going on in the world and what promotional products would appropriately (or inappropriately) market the subject matter.

Everyone living in the Great Lakes region, especially Chicago and northern Illinois, needs to grab their promotional umbrellas before heading outside this morning. Area tornado warnings expired at 8 a.m., but heavy rain and winds up to 60 or 70 miles per hour are expected to continue throughout the day. In addition, be sure to check flight schedules if you are flying in or out of Chicago, as power outages and delays have been reported throughout the city.

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