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Take a Gulp and Relax

A new month means a whole new set of Monthly Specials here at Pinnacle Promotions. I know 2013 was the year I pledged to create a budget and be a little wiser with the things I decided to spend money on, so if you and your company are anything like me, this is a great category for you to check out. Today we even revealed our new Deal of the Month! So if you’ve been looking for a great spring/summer item to add to your promotional line up for the year, kick back and relax while I introduce you to the 24 oz. Gulp.

So why the Gulp? Well now that the warm weather is back, you’ll find that every weekend is filled with outdoor festivals, concerts, races, and sporting events. It will get hotter and hotter and people will start reaching for water bottles and tumblers. With this in mind, wouldn’t it be great to offer them a double wall tumbler with a sturdy lid and matching straw? Available in 9 different colors, the Gulp is sure to seamlessly fit with your logo or event. Perhaps you are a food truck vendor that wants to give away a earth-friendly alternative with each meal purchased, maybe you are an outdoor concert coordinator who wants to minimize the amount of waste and cleanup post-concert, maybe you’re a day camp promoting health and fitness: no matter what you have going on the Gulp can help promote your brand.

Best of all, the promotion won’t be a victim of Summer Lovin‘, that’s easily forgotten at the end of the season. Since it is a double wall tumbler and you can remove the straw and drink out of the lid, it can easily transition to all the pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas enjoyed during the cooler part of the year. With it’s extra low price point, the Gulp is a great investment piece that will be enjoyed long past it’s Deal of the Moth status.

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16 oz Spirit Promotional Tumbler + Candy Cane Straws

Looking for the perfect corporate gift for the holiday season? A festive “twist” on the classics is a great choice for any company. While always a staff favorite, the 16 oz Spirit Promotional Tumbler is dressing up for the holiday season. In bold green and red, this classic is ready for gift wrapping. The icing on this promotional piece of cake? Colorful candy cane straws! Available in mid to late October, this festive piece is sure to be the hit of the corporate holiday party.

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