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What does every cubicle need?

What does every cubicle need? When we posed that question to our team, we got some varied answers. Here are some of our top picks:

ballchairBall chair: We were surprised to see how many people thought this belonged in every cubicle.

3sockmonkeys1Sock Monkey: We thought to ourselves, “Sure, a playful toy.” Nope. People mentioned Sock Monkey by name. Is that a thing that we just aren’t aware of?

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 3.33.37 PMStress Ball: Everyone needs one of these in their cube for the coworker who won’t read the entire email.

EDGE2LITEDual-Monitor arm: Who uses just one monitor these days?

migFavorite Coffee Mug: Duh.

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 3.35.17 PMTech Toys: Our Social Media Manager is addicted to the Gwee™ Button touchscreen cleaning device.

mousepadMouse Pad: Most agreed that a wrist-rest on the mouse pad is a necessity.

iphonestandPhone rest: That way we can see each song change or text from our mom. This stand comes with a stylus pen!

We’ve made a Pinterest Board with some of our favorites. What would you add to this list?

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Tradeshow season is coming!

Tradeshow season is coming!

When the holidays come to a close, most businesses can count on one thing: the start of tradeshow season. January brings with it some of the largest and innovative tradeshows of the year. Starting with CES and PPAI in Las Vegas and rolling into car shows, boat shows, and wedding shows that will eventually dominate the spring. There are almost 1,000 tradeshows in January alone across the United States.

Ido Leffler recently wrote a stellar blog post on tradeshows, “How to Dominate Any Tradeshow, and Why Even Solo Entrepreneurs Should Try.” Leffler focuses on two main points:
…People want two things:
• They want to be entertained.
• They want free stuff.

Leffler explains that you can entertain people in a number of ways. First, by exhibiting a creative booth space. Something more than just a folding table. And then, it is imperative that you give people your time. Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 9.52.29 AM

As for the free stuff, Leffler states that this is “Manifesto Rule Numero Uno.”

“Turn the convention hall into a walking billboard about you and your brand. Conventioneers love tote bags. Why? Because there are tons and tons of free stuff to be had, and after about two hours they are going to need something to carry the swag in. We always order thousands of great tote bags. No cheap paper or thin cotton for us. Our bags are big, bright, and unique, and by day two we try to make sure that every single person in the hall is carrying one. Be shameless and be fun. Slap your logo on the bag, add some bright colors, and make sure that people instinctively smile when they see it. Have tons of product to give away at the booth, and give it away freely. Don’t be one of those guys withholding the good stuff for the “big guys.” Instead, be the guy with the product that everyone is using and talking about. Freely distributing swag (even if it costs you) is in your best interests; you want those walking adverts wandering the convention.”

Last year, promotional reusable bags and customized cinch bags were top-sellers for Pinnacle Promotions. They are great surfaces for your corporate logo, and you can guarantee that all the other items that people collect at the tradeshow will then be stuffed inside YOUR bag. As Leffler states, they are going to need a place to keep all the other swag!Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 9.34.45 AM

Humor is another way to get people to remember your name. The Learning Revolution, by Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos explains that one of the keys to memory is emotion. Make them laugh, make them smile, and they will remember you. The blah blah blah is always popular for every type of tradeshow because it makes people smile, and could possibly help to spark a conversation.
PL4140hiresThis is a stress ball AND a device holder!

Are you headed to a tradeshow this January? What’s the best promo item you ever received at a tradeshow?

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The best gift I ever received was…

The best gift I ever received was…

Pinnacle Promotions is hosting a contest to give away our top picks for Holiday Thank You Gifts. I am ineligible to enter.

However, I still want to have the chance to tell everyone about the best present I ever received.

I am a life-long Houston Oiler fan, who has converted into a Houston Texans fan. Three years ago, my husband gave me tickets to the Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans football game in Nashville, only a few hours from where I live. I had never before been to an Oilers or Texans football game, home or away.

GameFrametasticMy husband purchased amazing seats to the December game. He booked a beautiful hotel in the heart of Nashville. Who just happened to be staying at the hotel? Why, the Houston Texans team, staff and flight crew were all staying at the hotel. By chance, we became fast friends with the flight crew before we even knew who they were. That friendship led to player introductions, too-numerous-to-count photos, sideline passes and life-long friendships.

While Pinnacle Promotions is not giving away tickets to the Texans-Titans football game, we are giving away a fabulous gift pack of items from our top picks of promotional, customized Thank You Gifts for end of the year giving.

What is the best gift you ever received? CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK and tell us. You just might win! ENTER HERE!

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The ’90s Are All That: Promotional Toys in Honor of ’90s Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon came close to inventing a time machine this week when it debuted “The ’90s Are All That,” a block of programming on TeenNick featuring some of Generation Y’s favorite childhood shows. From All That to Hey Arnold!, Salute Your Shorts to The Adventures of Pete and Pete, twenty-somethings can now relive their glory years Tuesday through Saturday between midnight and 4 a.m. (or whenever they want, thanks to the magic of DVR). In honor of the reemergence of characters like Pierre Escargot and Ferguson “Fergface” Darling, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite promotional toys that remind us of the 1990s.

Click here for the full list…

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New Food & Beverage Marketing Guidelines Could Affect Brand Value… and More

A few weeks ago, the President & CEO of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) put out the following video blog about the association’s new initiative to develop and implement a system of generally accepted brand valuation standards – a system that, he says, our economy currently lacks.

In the video, Bob Liodice discusses the relationship between marketing and brand value. He is a firm believer that investing in the former is essential for the growth of the latter “If we don’t invest in marketing activities,” he says, “we could be damaging our brand value.”

The video comes in the midst of efforts from the Obama administration and the Interagency Working Group on Food Marketed to Children to cut back on the amount of junk food marketing and advertising initiatives specifically geared toward kids. Strict new guidelines have been proposed that could potentially cut current food & beverage advertising expenditures by 20%, reducing total sales by businesses in this industry by $30 billion in as little as a year. Of course, there would be job losses to go along with that dollar amount – 378,000 jobs over a four-year period, according to the ANA.

However, these brands won’t only be losing money and manpower. As Liodice notes in his video, marketing efforts directly relate to brand power, so if marketing initiatives are cut, brand value will also take a hit. He says that “we know empirically that strong brands means strong operating results, which means higher shareholder equity…organizations that have strong brands have a higher stock market value than those that do not.” Putting restrictions on how and to whom members of the food & beverage industry can advertise might not just affect these companies’ employees and profits, but our economy as a whole.

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Hello Kitty Raises Funds for Japan Relief with Promotional Toys

hello kitty promotional stuffed toyJapan’s favorite animated kitten has been recruited to help raise funds for disaster relief efforts in her homeland.

Hello Kitty’s parent company Sanrio has partnered with Ty (creator of the original Beanie Baby) to produce a limited-edition Hello Kitty promotional toy wearing a pint-sized nurse’s uniform imprinted with the message I ♥ JAPAN. Ty alone has pledged to donate $1 million to disaster relief efforts by the American Red Cross to help boost American aid to Japan.

In addition to these cuddly promotional toys, Sanrio has also designed a t-shirt and tote bag that will retail for $10-20 and are currently available on its website as well as in Sanrio boutiques around the United States.

Sanrio and Hello Kitty aren’t only creating cute promotional products to benefit the character’s home country – it has also placed a link on its website encouraging visitors to donate to the American Red Cross and has funneled more than $50,000 in donations to the organization.

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Classic Promotional Toys from the Past and Present

Promotional Toys, Staff FavoritesAny time a company distributes branded giveaways to end users, the objective is to garner as much exposure as possible. So what better way to guarantee the success of a promotional campaign than by relying on tried and true favorites like the promotional toys featured in Time Magazine’s recently released list of the 100 most influential toys from 1923 to today?

Imprinting your unique logo and custom message on toys is a great way to reinforce your brand among your target audience. Toys are entertaining, light-hearted, and in the case of the items included in Time Magazine’s list, timeless (no pun intended!).  Generations have enjoyed playing with Yo-Yos, beach balls, and Magic 8 Balls, and you can help continue the legacy of these universal treasures by incorporating variations of them into your next marketing initiative.

Keep reading for a few of my personal favorite promotional toys from Time’s article and tips on how to use them effectively to market your business…

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No More Promotional Toys for McDonald’s

Thirty-three years after its inception, the McDonald’s “Happy Meal” will no longer come complete with a toy. Well, not in San Francisco anyway. This week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted (8-3) to ban the inclusion of toys in children’s meals that do not meet certain nutritional standards. Apparently the so-called Happy Meal either exceeds 600 calories, 640 milligrams of sodium, does not contain fruits and vegetables, or includes beverages with excessive fat or sugar.

The new law is obviously an effort to combat the recent childhood obesity epidemic by making unhealthy foods less appealing for the impressionable youth. McDonald’s is obviously unhappy about the decision – but what about the movie companies whose Happy Meal promotional toys can be worth millions in licensing deals and advertising?

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Promotional Toys That Bring Back Childhood Memories

A co-worker of mine found a YouTube video with the robotic performers from one of my favorite childhood places, Showbiz Pizza. I celebrated several birthdays at Showbiz and I was sad to see it change into Chuck E Cheese. I actually enjoyed watching the robots perform, but also loved getting all the promotional toys as well. What goes around always comes back around, and it seems promotional toys are reverting back to the classics with yo-yo’s and Rubik’s cubes. Even though I won’t be able to take my nieces or nephews to Showbiz Pizza, technology has provided a way for me to see a little nostalgia via the internet videos. So long Billy Bob.

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