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Trending Now: Trend #4 American Utility

One of the most practical trends I am seeing in the promotional products market is “American Utility.” My definition of American Utility is a product that is stylish, yet functional. The item can have a rustic or rugged feel to it. Heavier weighted fabrics, like canvas are prevalent, and are used to make backpacks, uniforms, and outdoor gear. Hardware is a major element to this trend; tool kits, knives, flashlights and various accessories are big on functionality. Key colors include khaki, grey, black, olive green, navy and orange. Camouflage and denim are also important.

On a marketing note, who would not want to give a product that isn’t functional? Chances are the end user will think of you every time they reach for that multi-tool or Chillin Can Camo dispenser!
Here are some of my favorite American Utility discoveries.

Heritage Supply Duffel Bag- Check out the buffalo plaid lining!


Men’s and Ladies Straight Collar Chambray Shirts. Love the darker wash!


Fred & Friends i Pound Stylus- SO hilarious, but useful!


Alternative Apparel Eco Jersey Hoodie in Camo/True Orange- So hip!

Guzzy 22 oz. Filtered Water Bottle- A filtering system that reduces bacteria, heavy metals, parasites and more!


Check out our Pineterest boards too!

Merchandising Manager

Promotional tools for home improvement

I purchased my first townhouse last November and have slowly and steadily been making little and big improvements here and there. I completely understand now why a homeowner’s work is never done. I never would have thought of promotional tools as being a helpful or useful household tool, but with practicality being a driving factor in how more and more Marketing departments determine what promotional products they will purchase, a promotional tools sounds very fitting. I definitely could have used several more promotional tools over this past weekend as my parents and I tried to widen a doorway within my home. I will get my home there, slowly but surely.

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