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Promotional Product Coupons Online: More Fun Than the Sunday Morning Paper + a Pair of Scissors

In an office that happens to be predominantly female, shopping is a conversation topic that arises on a daily basis. There is constant discussion about sales, coupons, and limited time offers, and an article published yesterday on, “Coupon Use Skyrockets,” supports a hunch I had been harboring about a swell in bargain-hunting chatter occurring amongst my coworkers in recent months.

According to the article, coupon distribution in 2009 reached its highest recorded level since 1988 (when market research firms began tracking this information). It shouldn’t come as a shock to anybody that retailers and business owners adopted discounting strategies to try and stay afloat during the current economic crisis, but an underlying reason for the coupon distribution increase that I hadn’t fully considered was the tremendous jump in online coupon distribution and redemption. Internet coupon distribution increased a whopping 92% last year, with consumer redemption rates of online offers up more than 36%.

A quick Google search for the phrase “online coupons” turns up millions of results, mostly web directories with archived coupons for virtually any type of store. Some directories are solely dedicated to the retail sector, while others focus on grocery coupons, restaurant deals, or a variety of other niche areas. Finding discounts has never been easier- if I am considering a purchase from one of my favorite clothing stores, I can avoid overlooking an opportunity to save money by conducting a single search query. These directories typically feature immediate, date-specific feedback from shoppers who have successfully redeemed a promo code/printable coupon/special offer from your chosen retailer.

With large retail chains, it used to be entirely possible that you may not get word of a sale or exclusive offer until it had expired, but now savvy shoppers have a convenient communication channel to share insider information with others. Lucky for you, Pinnacle Promotions coupons can be found exclusively on our website, saving you the hassle of scouring the Web for bargains! Happy Shopping!

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