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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: Scented Pens!

I see hundreds of pens a year. Some of them great, some not so great. I have become a little numb to the writing instrument category of promotional products. As a pen aficionado- I have my favorites and my go-to models when suggesting writing tools for various projects.

When the USA Snifty Pen came across my desk, I was brought back to my childhood! My favorite markers were scented, I used them all the time! Do you remeber those? My favorite was the mint scented ones. The Snifty pen has ten different scents to choose from! Each scent is actually infused into the rubber grip of the pen! Each of the pens scent color coordinates with the color accent grip and designer border wrap artwork. So fancy! And each pen is made in the USA! I am digging the Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcake models. Which one will be your favorite?

Check out the snifty pen and other out of the ordinary writing solutions here. 


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The Only Foolproof Way to Prevent Losing Your Favorite Promotional Pen…

Okay, folks. Show of hands: have you ever found yourself frustrated, annoyed, or even angry because your favorite writing utensil has mysteriously “disappeared?” I know I have experienced all of the above emotions throughout my time in the workforce, and according to a recent survey conducted by Paper Mate, 100 percent of respondents actually ‘fessed up to having swiped a pen from a coworker. Even Czech president Vaclac Klaus was caught “stealing” a promotional pen from a news conference in Chile last year (see our post from April 2011 for more information)!

Additional shocking results from Paper Mate’s study: out of the 1,000 Americans interviewed as part of the phone survey, 22% admitted to stealing pens deliberately!

So, why, with the extreme number of pen thefts, are writing instruments consistently ranked as the second largest category in the promotional product world?

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President of Czech Republic “Steals” Promotional Pen

gwydionwilliamsCzech President Vaclac Klaus made headlines this week during an official visit to Chile, however the news reports have been focusing on something other than diplomatic matters. During a news conference with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, Klaus was caught on film “stealing” a ceremonial promotional pen.

Klaus is clearly seen admiring the pen as he takes it from its case and turns it in his hands. He gives a slight nod of approval before moving the hand holding the pen underneath the table behind which Klaus and Pinera are seated, where he then appears to strategically transfer it from the right hand to the left and insert it in his coat pocket before subsequently buttoning his jacket, closing the pen case, and returning both hands to the table.

In his own defense, President Klaus responded to the promotional pen incident claiming that, “This is what people usually do – take a notepad or a pen from events they attend.”

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Finding just the right unique promotional pens

Working in the promotional industry, we get bombarded with new product samples regularly. Promotional pens are one of the most common products that we get to see a variety of styles and colors in. Personally I don’t need anything overly heavy or fancy like a brass executive pen. I prefer to have unique promotional pens that write well above all and are comfortable to hold when doing so. My favorite pen at the moment and has been since I received a sample, is the Zebra promotional candy pen. It looks simple and comes in three fun colors, but I swear this pen writes so well and is so lightweight I could write all day.

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