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Add Some Humor to that Promotional Coffee Mug

I recently came across this collection of Brutally Honest Coffee Mugs.

Funny Coffee Mug

[image source: College Humor]

And while I found some funnier than others, it got me thinking about using humor to promote your brand.  Some of the top brands use humor in their advertising and it’s wildly successful.

The first thing that comes to mind is AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” campaign, which features a man asking groups of children questions like, “Which is better, faster or slower?” and their hilarious answers.  AT&T’s message is that their service is simple and easy to use, but these commercials use a round-about way of illustrating that message, focusing on the humorous aspect of the kids’ answers more than anything.  (I researched it a litte bit to see if these ads are scripted.  Apparently they do have a “guided script” but often stray from it because the kids’ off-the-cuff answers are much funnier than anything the script writers have come up with.)

Or what about Atlanta’s own Scoutmob?  The daily deal (but better!) site capitalized on the “cool because it’s ironic” mustache trend and added a mustache-cam to their app.  Having an app that allows you to choose from different types of mustaches and put them on the pictures you take with your phone has nothing to do with daily deals, but it’s funny.

And while I’m taking about Atlanta companies, we can’t forget Mailchimp.  This email marketing service provider uses humor as an integral part of their brand image.  Whether that’s little things on their site that they do (after you send a campaign, one of your options is to “eat a banana”, which takes you to a Chiquita Banana Youtube video or the funny things they show around their office like their life-sized mascot,  Mailchimp understands that while the product may be great, sometimes an extra laugh really drives it home.

So, back to coffee mugs. Coffee mugs are one of our most popular product categories. For good reason too; I mean, what better way to show off your logo than putting it on the vessel for your customers’ daily java habit.

Funny Coffee Mug 3

[image source: College Humor]

While most coffee mugs get the job done, there’s something to be said about having your mug, the one with your logo, being your customers’ favorite mug. And while this might have to do with the quality or size of the mug itself, maybe adding some humor to your mug could make it shoot up on the mug popularity scale. (I rank my coffee mugs in order of favorite to least favorite, don’t you?!)

Funny Coffee Mug

[source: College Humor]

What if you came up with something humorous – it could be generic, it could be related to your industry – and put it on one side of your coffee mug? On the opposite side could be your logo. It’s a great way to get your brand out there while also showing that you have a sense of humor.  And you never know, it might become your customers’ favorite new coffee mug.

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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: the Vista 11 oz. Glass Mug

This is a very exciting time of year for me. January brings a fresh slew of promotional products! It might sound crazy, but with all the newness, some think it is better than Christmas! When I caught a glimpse of the Vista, I knew I had to share it with our blog readers. And we are pretty serious about product selection at Pinnacle. Drinkware is very close to our hearts and we road test many of the items for quality before they make an appearance on our website.

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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: Go! Lunchtime

I was like a giddy school girl when the Go! Lunchtime container system appeared on my desk. This is not any ordinary receptacle to carry food in. With the weather changing pretty rapidly, and when I am motivated to bring my lunch, the Go! Lunchtime can accommodate soups, stews, chili -you name it!


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Promotional Mugs for Royalty (and Royal Tea)

The royal wedding is this Friday! Check our blog for daily updates featuring our favorite promotional products that celebrate the marriage of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.

promotional mug

Royal weddings don’t happen very often, and as the first ceremony in more than twenty years, this Friday’s marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton has been one of the most talked about events in 2011 around the world. The royal wedding craze has led to a made-for-TV Lifetime movie (that Britain’s Guardian newspaper has called “awful, toe-curlingly, teeth-furringly, pillow-bitingly ghastly”) as well as hundreds of different commemorative products, from beer to serving platters to promotional mugs.

As popular personalized items for an array of occasions, it’s no surprise that promotional mugs have been branded with dozens of images, words, and phrases in honor of the upcoming royal wedding. After all, we Americans watching the event live will need something to hold our coffee, as coverage of the ceremony begins as early at 4 am EST (with the actual nuptials beginning at 6 am).

See more examples of royal wedding promotional mugs…

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Encourage Sustainability with Promotional Drinkware

In a recent e-mail blast, Caribou Coffee announced its latest promotion: customers can save 50 cents on any beverage by having it made and served in their own Caribou-branded promotional drinkware. Caribou certainly isn’t the first to come up with such a promotion and they won’t be the last, but as the second-largest specialty coffee and espresso retailer in the United States, this marketing campaign is likely to be successful on a variety of levels. Not only do customers save money on great coffee and get to feel good about proactively participating in an eco-friendly campaign, but they also walk away with a high-quality piece of promotional drinkware they’ll be able to use in the future – even if the promotion expires.

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TV & Twitter: As inseparable as a promotional mug and coffee enthusiast?

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that more and more people are watching television while simultaneously accessing the Internet via their computers and mobile devices. I’ve personally been using my tech tools concurrently ever since I got my first computer. I pretty much couldn’t do my college coursework without my Word doc open and my TV tuned in to my favorite show of the hour. I guess something about the organized chaos has always helped me focus. I guess that’s weird, but I digress…

With the continued growth and popularity of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, users across the globe are connected to their social networks at nearly every moment of the day. Email, instant messaging, forums and profiles are now just a click away via your computer or smartphone.

While your security settings and preferences help to protect you, your content and your private data, it is no secret that every tweet, status update, comment, “like” and wall posting from each and every social media outlet is documented and logged. These stats are then being used to measure the engagement of users, and have even been used to gage the overall “attitude” of the nation.

With the emerging analytical power and massive amount of data collected by these frontrunners of the world wide social web, we are now able to see the real-time thoughts, feelings, reactions and emotions of the collective social media universe. While we know how this info can be used, it is another thing entirely to actually see these results and their relation to other media channels.

The analytics team at Twitter did just this to gage audience excitement and opinion during the Super Bowl earlier this month. The study showed just how connected and active the social media community is even while viewing a hugely popular, televised event. The Super Bowl is known to be the most viewed television event of the year. This month’s, Super Bowl XLIV, however, became the most watched television broadcast ever with over 106 million viewers.

With this many people actively engaging with Twitter while watching TV programs, it will be interesting to see how this trend continues to develop. I personally predict that we will see this dependency grow exponentially over the coming years as more and more people trade up to smartphones and netbooks. Social media is already almost an addiction to some. I’d liken many diehard social media users to a caffeine addict… I mean, coffee enthusiast… and their favorite promotional mug. You don’t leave home without it, you keep in touch throughout the day and you can never really have too many or too much.

Will anyone really be able to simply watch traditional television with the draw of the Internet so readily in reach? Knowing now what kind of analytical information we can get from social media sites, I’d love to see what this study looks like for next year’s Super Bowl game. How will companies use this growing dependency to their advantage? With their widely popular advertisements during Super Bowl XLIV, Doritos definitely did. Google did too. And now they continue to reap the benefits of their multi-million dollar ads via chatter about their brands on the social media web. How will others capitalize on this research?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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