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New Kindle and iPhone Releases Call for Promotional Media Storage Cases

This week, Amazon released the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Touch as part of a new wave of toys for the tech-savvy. The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s first attempt to take on the tablet market, which has so far been dominated by Apple’s iPad. Amazon’s Fire is smaller and thinner than the iPad, making it great for staying entertained on the go but less practical for accomplishing work outside of the office. While it’s not quite as functional as the iPad, the Fire does have one main advantage: its price starts at $199, well below any other tablet currently on the market.

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Carry Polaroid Fun Wherever You Go with Promotional Media Storage Cases

Promotional Media Storage Cases

Polaroid 300

Polaroid cameras are back and better than ever with the launch of the Polaroid 300 Classic Instant Camera. The gadget will surely make those who loved the original feel nostalgic about capturing the memories of their past, but this new version will allow them to experience the magic of instantly watching their pictures evolve right before their eyes with Polaroid again.


The Polaroid 300 instant camera has four scene settings and spits out business-card sized instant photos. And while the bulky nature of this camera has not changed, if you are a photography guru and accustomed to carrying a digital SLR camera the Polaroid 300 Is still a lighter and smaller option. Plus, with the right promotional media storage cases, you can easily carry the fun with you wherever you go! There are so many different promotional media storage cases to choose from so it is easy to find the right case to fit your traveling needs. From the sling-shoulder strap promotional media storage cases to cases adorned with a carabiner, there truly is something for everyone. Continue reading →

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Amazon Brands Kindle 3 with More than Just Promotional Media Storage Cases

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Trending Topic Tuesday,” where we share our take on what’s going on in the world and what promotional products would appropriately (or inappropriately) market the subject matter.

While you may have seen – or perhaps even own – promotional media storage cases for the Amazon Kindle that have been imprinted with a brand’s custom design, logo, or message, a recent announcement from Amazon proves that protective cases are not the only way brands can make an impression on Kindle owners. Amazon will soon offer a less expensive of the Wi-Fi only Kindle 3 with built-in advertisements.

At $114, buyers will save $25 off the current Wi-Fi only model, but will be faced with sponsored screensavers from retailers including Olay, Buick, and Visa when the device is idle, and will encounter occasional special offers nestled among the pages of their e-books. Purchasers are encouraged to vote on which “attractive” advertisements they want to see included on the new version of the Kindle 3, giving them nearly the same amount of agency they have when choosing from the array of promotional media storage cases available in stores and online, as well as in the form of giveaways and corporate incentives.

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Protect Your Fine Art with Promotional Media Storage Cases

The only thing fresh about David Hockney’s “Fresh Flowers” exhibit at the Pierre Berge-Yves St. Laurent Foundation in Paris, is the idea itself. That’s because tangible paintings doesn’t actually exist; the entire installation consists of digital images that Hockney drew using the Brushes application on his iPhone, and later, his iPad. Hockney discovered the app’s potential about two years ago, when he would awake in the middle of the night and, unable to sleep, reach for his phone to recreate the sunrise. Many mornings, he sent his images to friends and family who weren’t awake to see the inspiration. Today, Hockney says he carries his iPad (perhaps in a promotional media storage case) with him so that he can create art whenever inspiration strikes. People can view the resulting images on the 20 iPhones and the 20 iPads on display in Paris, now through the end of January.

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