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Atlanta Eateries Can Use Business Card Magnets to Promote New Airport Locations

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, one of the biggest and busiest air transit locations in the country, is hoping to give travelers a better taste of Atlanta by encouraging local restaurateurs to open eateries throughout the terminals.

As part of the initiative, the airport has decided to distribute over 100 new contracts to qualifying food and beverage vendors. Richard Blais, the Kinjo brothers (of MF Sushi), and Shaun Doty (of YEAH! Burger) are just a few of the big name local chefs competing for their chance to help add quality and “southern flair” to Hartsfield-Jackson.

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Here comes the Bride… and promotional magnets

Wedding season is in full swing. I not only have friends that are getting married in the coming weeks, but buzz is in the air around our office from co-workers who are attending if not just one, but multiple weddings throughout Spring as well.  I guess it is just natural for people our age to take the leap.  You wouldn’t think that a company such as ourselves would get many orders for weddings, but surprisingly we do. Couples are not only commemorating their day, but they want all their guests to have a little something to take home so they can remember the joyous occasion as well. Click to read about what wedding promos are popular

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