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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: The Gourmet Trio

Everyone that knows me well is aware that I love to eat. And eating on the go has become a way of life, especially when you have a 2 year old in tow. The Gourmet Trio is perfect- made of food grade silicone with a snap on lid; you are free to carry your meal with ease. This “lunch box” is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. The 3 compartments are perfect for organizing your entrée, veggies and a dessert.

The Gourmet Trio comes in five mod colors, making it fun to tote your grub. They even include a sporknife that fits in the lid! And did I mention that the Gourmet Trio is collapsible? If you are in need for a snack container or for your famous chili, check out The Gourmet, a 1 compartment lunch box.
Check out the Gourmet, Gourmet Trio and other lunch coolers here.

Merchandising Manager

Keep Your Food Safe with Promotional Lunch Coolers

The kitchen is often an important space in any office environment, providing both nutritional sustenance and perhaps some respite from the traditional happenings of the daily grind. The office kitchen can also, however, be a source of angst and distress should you fall victim to the form of corporate corruption known as lunch theft. Bit Rebels posted an article last week displaying examples of how employees have responded to such an occurrence that truly capture the amount of duress it causes.

As an antidote to this vexation, I suggest carrying your own promotional lunch cooler to work. Others will be less likely to steal something that is properly enclosed in such a container.

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