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Trending Now: Festival Giveaways

With May fast approaching, we will be in the thick of outdoor events before we know it! Especially for us lucky ones in the South- we have already had a few fabulous weekends of “fun in the sun” activities! I went to the Dogwood Festival a few weekends back and saw a lot of promotional products in use!

Here are my picks for promotional swag to handout at your next outdoor event.

The Chillin Sunglasses:

A little different from your standard neon frames or aviators. Your brand will be seen as fun and hip.



Sunscreen with Carabiner:

Protect your potential clients from the sun with an SPF 30 sunscreen! They will thank you with their business!!



Non-Woven Tote Bag:

This good-looking tote will be much appreciated to the end user at an outdoor event. They can stuff all their promotional goodies in here. Your logo will travel thru the festival and beyond!



H2go Omega Filtered Water Bottle:

A water bottle with filter mechanism is thoughtful to the end user.  Give them piece of mind when they are refilling at the water station!



 BeachNik Combo Set:

A can cooler and cup holder!! Great for the beach or hanging out on the lawn at a concert or park! Forget about warm or spilled drinks!!



Tie-Dye Blanket:

A blanket or tarp is a great giveaway. This tie-dye one is fun and prefect for the festival season! Your brand will be spotted in style!


For more ideas on seasonal giveaways, visit our Outdoors category.

What are your favorite items ot bring to a festival?


Merchandising Manager


Beer, Soda, and now Whisky: the Many Uses for Promotional Koozies

Many people – especially sports fans – will be quick to offer a testament to the wonder of promotional koozies. They’ll keep your beverage of choice at its frosty, optimal drinking temp for hours, allowing you to enjoy your Bud Light, Fanta, or other canned drink at your leisure while you watch the game, play cornhole, or relax on the beach.

Now, in addition to beer, soda, juice, and energy drinks, the thirsty among us can use their promotional koozies to keep new 12-oz. cans of whisky cold as well. While whisky itself isn’t exactly an innovation, putting 12 ounces – eight shots – of it in aluminum packaging sure is.

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NFL Playoff Picture: 49ers, Maybe; Promotional Koozies, Definitely.

Welcome to this week’s edition of  “Trending Topic Tuesday,” where we share our take on what’s going on in the world and what promotional products would appropriately (or inappropriately) market the subject matter.

Despite their loss this week to the San Diego Chargers (which put their record at 5-9 for the year), the San Francisco 49ers remain in playoff contention and could in fact still win their division. Currently, the St. Louis Rams lead the NFC West with a record of 6-8, while the 49ers are in third behind the Seattle Seahawks. Sportscasters and football fans alike have lamented the state of this particular division since early in the season.

But even if your team won’t be bound for the playoffs come January, you can still enjoy the end-of-season competition as Super Bowl XLV draws nearer from the comfort of your living room with a bowl of chips and a promotional koozie to keep your beverage of choice cold until halftime and beyond.

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