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Promotional Fitness Accessories to Soothe Sore Muscles

I found a video today talking about a world record-breaking relay race to benefit Breast Cancer research. The catch, however, is they were racing in stiletto heels. The race took place in Sydney, Australia with several teams of women participating in the race sponsored by Gillette’s Venus Embrace razors. The winning team’s strategy wasn’t very complicated, they just ran on their toes as you would if you were sprinting, so it didn’t even matter that they had heels on because they weren’t even hitting the ground. Whether they were running in sneakers or not, I am sure they are suffering some minor aches and pains and promotional fitness accessories like hot and cold packs are a perfect solution to soothe their legs. Fitness centers can put good use to promotional hot and cold packs to promote memberships, and even manufacturing facilities can use them to instill good health and safety habits on and off the job site.

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