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Stay Flu-Free + Fashionable: Stylish New Promotional Hand Sanitizers Are Here!

wash 'em if you got 'em
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Whether you chalk the sneezing and sniffling observed in public lately up to allergies or the flu, there is no question that the changing weather conditions are starting to take a toll on Americans’ health.

In Atlanta, the CDC recently opened a new exhibit in hopes of encouraging healthy habits for flu prevention. The exhibit, which runs through January 13, focuses on hand washing and features artwork by six different artists. Admission is free to the public.

From offering flu shots to your employees to distributing promotional hand sanitizers, there are many ways for your business to heed the CDC’s important message and jump on the hygiene bandwagon this season.

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Can a Text Save Your Life? Publicizing New Technology with Promotional Healthcare Products

If you’ve ever been to the emergency room with a less-than-life-threatening affliction, you know that there’s a good chance you might have to wait upwards of an hour before seeing a doctor. Well, not anymore, thanks to a new technology that allows hospitals to publicize emergency wait times via text message.

How does it work? Patients on the way to the hospital can text a designated number and, within seconds, receive a message that contains a list of local hospitals and their current emergency room wait times.

In recent years, some hospitals have used digital billboards or designated websites to publicize this pertinent information. Billboards are costly, however, and require that organizations have a large enough budget to spend on such technologies. While websites offer a cost-effective solution, they are not nearly as ubiquitous or practical as text messages. In order to find out the wait time from a website, patients must either waste precious time looking up the information before they leave the house – or have a smartphone and a driver so that they can access the site while en route.

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Post-Jeopardy Plans for IBM’s Watson May Include Promotional Healthcare Products

If you watched Jeopardy! any night this week, you might have noticed something a little different. Watson, a computerized robot programmed by IBM, appeared between Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter,  two of the top ranking contestants of all times. Following a tie with Rutter on Monday night, Watson blew his competitors out of the water on Tuesday and Wednesday. So, what’s a robot to do after defeating two former Jeopardy! champs?

According to, IBM invested many years – as well as millions of dollars – in Watson. Thus, it’s understandable that they want to find an applicable use for Watson’s premier technology. So far, sources at CNN say that IBM has discussed the idea of “Watson, M.D.,” a tool that would be able to combine online resources with patient interviews, test results, and personal medical histories to help doctors diagnose their patients. If that’s the case, hospitals will certainly need to use promotional healthcare products to publicize their new technology. But, don’t purchase promotional healthcare products just yet; other possible applications for Watson include government, engineering, and business.

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Promotional Healthcare Products Hit the Big Screen in Love and Other Drugs

Over the weekend I saw Love and Other Drugs, a heartwarming (albeit sometimes awkward and raunchy) story about a Pfizer sales representative and a young woman with early-onset Parkinson’s disease. Critics have given the movie mixed reviews but one thing is for certain; whether or not you like it, you cannot deny the effectiveness of promotional healthcare products.

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