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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: Original Chuck Snapback Cap

If you are a habitual reader of this blog, you may know that I am obsessed with hats. Remember the Panther Vision Lighted hat? Classic. And working in this industry, I have become immune to basic headwear.  I easily know where to find a classic, unstructured, medium profile hat…in 20+ colors! So, when I started noticing a trend working over to the promotional wearables world, I was thrilled. Have you seen the flat bill cap?

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A Hat for Every Occasion

I have a bit of a confession to make: I am addicted…. to hats. From your run of the mill baseball caps to knit beanies, I now own enough variations that I’ve run out of shelf space for my chapeaus and my boyfriend now understands that “borrowing” one of his hats strongly implies that he’ll never get it back. Fortunately for me, though rather unfortunate for our shared closet space, Pinnacle Promotions keeps my addiction well fed no matter what season we’re in.


District Cabby Hat
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Blue Moons and Promotional Hats

This blog posting is mainly a reflection of how the thought of promotional products can truly infiltrate one’s everyday life. Try and follow me on my literary journey to how I found another perfect occasion to supplement one’s marketing efforts with promotional items…

If you happened to take a peak at the full moon shining above on New Year’s Eve then you got a special glimpse of what is called a “blue moon,” meaning the 2nd full that occurs in a single month (there is generally only 1 full moon each month). Even more special is the fact that this blue moon occurred on New Year’s Eve, a correlation that has not happened since 1990, and will not happen for another 19 years. Colloquially, a blue moon refers to a very rare event, and inspired the phrase “Once in a blue moon,” (which actually occurs about once every two and a half years) whose usage dates back to the Medieval Times in England.

This idiom made me think of another popular expression, “Hats off to you,” which is an expression of admiration or praise said to have evolved from the action of actually taking one’s hat off to show respect to someone. Upon my search for a deeper history of this tradition, I discovered that January 15 is Hat Day, which would be the perfect occasion to advertise one’s business and services with promotional hats!

And finally for your listening pleasure, the ballad “Blue Moon” written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart in 1934, here performed by Dean Martin.

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