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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: Nike Golf for 2013

I know it is January, but I am already dreaming of spring. And we here in Atlanta are expected to reach the upper 60’s later this week! What bliss! Springtime and golf go hand and hand. This past week the PGA Tour hit Hawaii. Check out the latest PGA news here. It’s very cool to see what Nike, Adidas and Callaway gear the pros are sporting.

Whatever the climate on the green, you and your brand will want to look sharp for 2013. Check out these new arrivals from Nike Golf.  With Nike’s DRI-Fit fabric technology and on-trend color choices, the recipient will be comfortable and look stylish on and off the course.

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Promotional Golf Items to Support the Goals of Your Charity Golf Tournament

Promotional Par Pack with Balls and TeesHappy National Golf Month! Has your company ever considered sponsoring a charity golf tournament? Well, if not, now may be a great time to think about expanding your community involvement via this consistently successful fundraiser idea. Follow the simple steps outlined after the fold, and with adequate promotional golf items to distribute to participants and ample publicity, you will be on your way to holding a charity golf tournament that local residents will remember for years to come. Keep reading…

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Promote Dad’s Health with Golf Items and Fitness Accessories

Every year, the week before Father’s Day means last minute shopping for ties and golf items, a trip to the store to find the perfect card, and the occurrence of Men’s Health Week. Since 1994, when Men’s Health Week originated, the movement has grown significantly. Many organizations plan a day for employees to wear blue in order to increase awareness or hold car washes to raise money for the healthcare industry.
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