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Take a Tip From the Girl Scouts – Use Promotional Food Items

Ah, the springtime. As the season approaches, people all across the United States look forward to warmer weather, baseball season, spring break vacations, and, of course, the delivery of those coveted boxes of Girl Scout cookies. The Girl Scouts of the USA have been selling cookies since 1917 to raise funds for their organization, and each year since, the anticipation for their arrival increases. Considering America’s adoration for all things edible, it’s not surprising that such promotional food items are successful in garnering funding, and advertising, for a group such as the Girl Scouts.

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Promotional Food & Drink Products for Your Super Bowl Party

Chevy Steelers Fans
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: DrivingtheNortheast
Super Bowl XLV is just around the corner, which means that football fans across the country are sending out invitations, tidying up the living room, planning menus full of munchies (and, if you’re in Georgia, buying beer ahead of time) for Super Bowl parties. I, for one, have gotten out my favorite promotional food & drink products that will make hosting the party and serving my guests easier.

My menu is extensive: from pizza to pigs in a blanket to s’mores for a fourth-quarter dessert, I’m sure that no one will go home hungry. Luckily, it won’t be difficult to pull off with the help of my favorite promotional food & drink products, like my football-shaped cutting board, custom s’mores kit, and brightly-colored promotional pizza cutter (which looks as good as it slices).

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Promotional Snacks: Coming Soon to a Runway Near You?

You might have seen Kim’s post back in September about the now-infamous meat dress Lady Gaga wore to the MTV Video Music Awards. The dress sparked commentary from everyone from vegans to meat-lovers, fashionistas to biologists (who said Gaga’s dress was likely crawling with maggots during the awards show).

While Lady Gaga was the first (or at least the most famous) person to wear a dress made out of food, she certainly won’t be the last, as artists and fashion designers have proven with some recent creations, showcased in an article by Diana Adams of Bit Rebels. Who knows: maybe someday soon clothing and accessories made out of promotional snacks will be the next big thing in marketing?

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