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Promotional Fitness with Brookstone

With Halloween only a few days away I’ve already stocked up on promotional candy and promotional giveaways, but having all that candy around has made  me start looking for promotional items that will help me start getting back in shape so that I can feel a little better about enjoying all my Halloween spoils. With the new influx of new Brookstone items aimed at fitness, I can’t wait to start!

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Get “Athlete” Fit with Mixed Martial Arts

boxing glovesIn an article from the New York Times, health columnist Joe Brescia, explained how professional athletes are incorporating mixed martial arts into their work out regimens as a way to increase their mental and physical performance. However “new-age” this training routine may seem, the art of mixed martial arts is hardly “new-age;” in fact this cultural practice even dates back to ancient Greece.

During this era, Olympians would train using a similar combat sport called, “pankration.” Through out history various cultures’ combat sports melded together until the earliest form of modern mixed martial arts, “merikan,” was formed during the early 1900’s. “Merikan” incorporates both European and Japanese styles of fighting.

Fast forward to today, professional baseball players and football players claim that training with mixed martial arts is creating a competitive edge over their colleagues.  So much so, athletes like Adam Dunn of the Chicago White Sox, Brad Penny of the Detroit Tigers, Russell Martin of the Yankees, and the entire Atlanta Falcons’ team are keeping their routines under wraps as if they were part of their playbooks.

So how does it work? The MMA (mixed martial arts) trainers put together sequences that mimic how athletes play. For example, in order to throw a pitch, a pitcher’s movement involves lifting the knee, throwing the arm forward, and swinging the opposite back leg. In order to strengthen the muscles that control these movements, the trainer mirrors a pitcher’s sequence by having them raise the knee, forward punch, and end with a back kick.

One could argue promotional fitness accessories, like tracking monitors and punching bags could encourage any individual to improve their overall performance; but these teams and players are “drinking the kool-aid.” With this “new” training routine in place, some players even claim it’s improving their mental game, too.

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“Sitting is Killing You,” But Promotional Fitness Accessories Can Help

The Internet has been abuzz with a new infographic displaying statistics about how the more time we spend sitting the more likely we are to develop conditions that will quicken our demise. The information presented is not anything particularly new, it is just presented in perhaps a more threatening way care of And while, for many of us, our 9-5 places of employment require us to sit for the majority of our days, it is suggested that you interrupt this sitting as much as you can – and promotional fitness accessories can help remind you to do so. From exercise bands to yoga mats, these promotional fitness accessories can easily be stored at your desk and brought out for some brief sitting breaks throughout the workday.

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Promotional Fitness Accessories to Soothe Sore Muscles

I found a video today talking about a world record-breaking relay race to benefit Breast Cancer research. The catch, however, is they were racing in stiletto heels. The race took place in Sydney, Australia with several teams of women participating in the race sponsored by Gillette’s Venus Embrace razors. The winning team’s strategy wasn’t very complicated, they just ran on their toes as you would if you were sprinting, so it didn’t even matter that they had heels on because they weren’t even hitting the ground. Whether they were running in sneakers or not, I am sure they are suffering some minor aches and pains and promotional fitness accessories like hot and cold packs are a perfect solution to soothe their legs. Fitness centers can put good use to promotional hot and cold packs to promote memberships, and even manufacturing facilities can use them to instill good health and safety habits on and off the job site.

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Promotional Turkeys or Promotional Fitness Accessories – a Thanksgiving Corporate Gift Toss Up

m706There is a reason why Thanksgiving Day has been deemed “Turkey Day” throughout the country. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, approximately 250 million turkeys were raised in the U.S. in 2009 for slaughter, of which about 46 million ended up on U.S. dinner tables this past Thursday. But we all know that turkey is not all that is consumed. According to WebMD, a typical Thanksgiving meal can add up to 3,000 calories or more – with a single slice of pecan pie with whipped cream ranking in at about 800 calories alone!

Here’s an average breakdown of the rest of the meal:
* Roasted dark and white meat turkey with skin — 450 calories
* Homemade stuffing with gravy — 600 calories
* Cranberry relish — 200 calories
* Candied sweet potatoes — 400 calories
* Green bean casserole — 190 calories
* Pumpkin pie with whipped cream — 400 calories
* Cup of eggnog — 400 calories

You could always contribute to this Thanksgiving feast by sending out promotional Applewood Smoked Turkeys complete with cutting boards imprinted with your company’s name and logo. But maybe this year companies should think about giving away some promotional fitness accessories for post-Thanksgiving corporate holiday gifts…

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