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Product Pick of the Week: Premium Seed Stationery

I can admit it, I hoard stationery. I have a large collection that takes up 3 drawers of my at-home desk , and I feel the need to buy more. I still believe in sending thank you notes and sending letters to friends and family. Call me old fashioned. I can take it. So naturally, I flipped upon discovery of the Premium Seed Paper Collection.

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Earth Day Activities and Promotion Marketing Ideas

Happy Earth Day!

There is always a lot of hype related to Earth Day, and as my coworker, Ashley, mentioned in her Earth Day guest post last month, eco-friendly promotional products tend to sell out quickly in March and April because of the considerable amount of companies that choose to celebrate Earth Day. This year, why not strive to live a more eco-conscious existence 24/7, 365? It is easy to let green initiatives fall by the wayside after the media buzz surrounding Earth Day dies down, so for a few ideas to help you and your organization stay on track with your sustainable objectives year-round,

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Promotional EarthSmart Products for Earth Day

There is only one circumstance in which we cannot offer our famous 24-hour Rocketship Service: when the item is out of stock. This is exactly why I am writing about Earth Day more than a month in advance; I do not want anyone to miss out on this great opportunity for functional and unique Eco-friendly promotional EarthSmart products!

It seems these days you can get a “green” variation on just about any product imaginable. Just thinking about some of the items I use on an everyday basis, I jot down notes on a recycled notebook with a biodegradable pen made from corn. When I go to the grocery store, I stash my purchases in a tote made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Even when I need a caffeine fix, I sip from a biodegradable Evolve tumbler.

But the “green” trend has evolved much further than the standard popular items. In the office, you can feature your loved ones in photo albums made from bamboo and grow a plant at your desk. And if you need to leave your desk for a meeting, just hit the Computer Power Saver Button to effortlessly put your computer to sleep . When entertaining guests at home, you can yell at them to put their sweaty drinks on coasters that are 51% recycled . Even while you are traveling the world, you can safely keep your passport and other travel documents in a recycled passport wallet. Continue reading →

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Pinnacle Promotion’s Paperless Plan

Recycled Promotional Products

Here at Pinnacle, we’re going paperless! Like many offices throughout the world, paperwork is often printed, filed away and forgotten about for weeks at a time. To avoid this situation and do our part to save trees, Pinnacle is enacting eco-friendly initiatives, such as sending confirmations via e-mail.

Whether you work in the promotional products industry or any other industry, you can make your office environment and marketing campaigns more environmentally friendly by following a few simple tips. Send e-mail blasts, rather than direct mail that often winds up in the trash, to reduce your paper dependence. Or, distribute “green” promotional products as your corporate gift or tradeshow giveaway.

Pinnacle offers an entire line of promotional EarthSmart™ products made from natural, organic or recycled material that have a positive impact on the environment. Since Pinnacle donates 1% of all sales from this line to 1% for the Planet, a network of more than 1,700 not-for-profit environmental organizations worldwide, you will be making a difference with every purchase. So if you’re looking for promotional giveaways that employees, clients, and the environment will appreciate, be sure to customize one of EarthSmart™ products with your company name and logo.

We love EarthSmart™ products so much, the marketing department even dressed up as them for Halloween (see picture above).

*Special thanks to Katie McCormick, Senior Account Coordinator, for being a great resource.

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