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Product Pick of the Week: ThermalSport Water Bottle

Introducing my favorite new promotional drinkware item: the ThermalSport Water Bottle!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking… “Why would I care about your favorite drinkware item, Kim?”

Well I’ll answer that question for you now. This 20oz. wonder is a great addition to our collection for many reasons. Continue reading for my top five…

Promotional Product Pick of the Month: Collapsible Water Bags

I know I can’t speak for everyone across the country, but here in Atlanta, the temperature is heating up quick. Summer really is right around the corner and the beach and summer products are rolling in. While there are tons of neat new products that are perfect for summer promotions and events, my favorite new product this year is turning out to be the collapsible water bag*.

I have to be honest – it has taken me a while to warm up to this drinkware piece. At first, I really just didn’t understand it. I mean, why would you need a collapsible water bag? It just seemed plain silly to me. But now, as I look at the collapsible water bag sitting on my desk, it seems all too clear: this is the perfect piece of promotional drinkware for the summer.

And to support my product pick this month, here are my top five reasons why:

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Promotional Mugs for Royalty (and Royal Tea)

The royal wedding is this Friday! Check our blog for daily updates featuring our favorite promotional products that celebrate the marriage of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.

promotional mug

Royal weddings don’t happen very often, and as the first ceremony in more than twenty years, this Friday’s marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton has been one of the most talked about events in 2011 around the world. The royal wedding craze has led to a made-for-TV Lifetime movie (that Britain’s Guardian newspaper has called “awful, toe-curlingly, teeth-furringly, pillow-bitingly ghastly”) as well as hundreds of different commemorative products, from beer to serving platters to promotional mugs.

As popular personalized items for an array of occasions, it’s no surprise that promotional mugs have been branded with dozens of images, words, and phrases in honor of the upcoming royal wedding. After all, we Americans watching the event live will need something to hold our coffee, as coverage of the ceremony begins as early at 4 am EST (with the actual nuptials beginning at 6 am).

See more examples of royal wedding promotional mugs…

Encourage Sustainability with Promotional Drinkware

In a recent e-mail blast, Caribou Coffee announced its latest promotion: customers can save 50 cents on any beverage by having it made and served in their own Caribou-branded promotional drinkware. Caribou certainly isn’t the first to come up with such a promotion and they won’t be the last, but as the second-largest specialty coffee and espresso retailer in the United States, this marketing campaign is likely to be successful on a variety of levels. Not only do customers save money on great coffee and get to feel good about proactively participating in an eco-friendly campaign, but they also walk away with a high-quality piece of promotional drinkware they’ll be able to use in the future – even if the promotion expires.

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Hydrate in style with amazing new promotional drinkware…

Be forewarned. You cannot purchase this bottle today.

I know. I know. I taunt. But this little gem is sure to be a huge hit when it arrives in stock later this month.

This promotional drinkware item is the perfect replica of a retail water brand, but touts itself as a sophisticated – and reusable – beverage vessel.

The single-wall glass construction of the 18zo h2go water bottle showcases your logo on a perfectly crystal-clear background. Giving your logo and your beverage contents prime visibility.

Continue reading about the clear 18oz h2go water bottle…

Promotional Product Crazies!

So today’s blog is inspired by the upcoming new release, The Crazies.

If you know me, you know that I have a slight fascination with all things zombies. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many people that take this a little bit further than me… but I won’t name names here.

I’m not sure what causes this morbid interest in all things undead. Is it the staggered walk? The violent nature? Or the trigger that causes these bodies to rise from the grave? Whatever it is, it’s pretty darn intriguing to me.

So with that said, my colleague, Acree, politely addressed an issue that I have that intrigues her, not unlike my curiosity regarding the walking dead. The issue that arouse during conversation yesterday was my undying, love for promotional products.

The typical day here at Pinnacle naturally involves working with a large number of promotional products from a variety of product categories. Yesterday, Acree came across a tumbler during her daily duties that raised a question. Being relatively new to the industry, she wondered about one of the features of the Spirit Promotional Tumbler.

Being one of my favorite pieces of promotional drinkware (on my continuously growing list of favs), I have an intimate knowledge of this peppy little piece. I answered her question in a snap, followed with a chuckle-inspiring tale involving my husband, dancing, the term “lifesaver” and the Spirit Promotional Tumbler.

This story was followed by her question, “just how many promotional products do you have?!”

Ummm. This my friends, was an eye-opener.

I think I might just enjoy promotional products a teensy bit too much. But then, I’m not really ashamed. I have a case of the promotional product crazies. And I’m okay with it. I might never know why. I might never get over it. I just fancy some products, and I’ll keep on saying it!

With that said, if you ever need to know about a promotional product found on our site, I might just be able to help. And you might just get a little story along with it too :).

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The Perfect Brew: Colorful Promotional Drinkware for Tea Lovers!

Recently on the blog, Kim discussed how much she loves the Terra Porcelain Cup and it reminded me of one of my favorite promotional items. While I occasionally drink coffee, tea is really my thing. I love all kinds of tea, English breakfast, chai spice, oolong, and my personal favorite: Double Bergamot Earl Grey. Of course, you can always brew your tea and put it in a regular mug, but I find that using a tea infuser makes for a better cup of tea.

The infuser is acrylic and has a double wall construction that keeps the tea hot but your hands stay cool. You can use it for loose-leaf tea and regular tea bags and it works well for both. This unique promotional drinkware item is definitely not as popular as a standard ceramic coffee mug but I think that is what makes it great. You can still use it for other hot drinks, such as coffee, but you can also use it for iced tea in the summer, sodas, or even just regular ol’ water. Anyone can use tea infusers, but tea lovers like myself will really appreciate others making the effort to give them something a little bit different and tailored to their preferences instead of coffee drinkers for once!


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Promotional Mugs That Gives You a Reason to Get Out of Bed in The Morning

It’s getting cold outside.

Not the “ooh, it looks like there might be snow today,” cold. But chilly enough to really find it excruciatingly difficult to drag myself out of bed in the morning.

I won’t lie. I absolutely have an undying passionate love affair with my super soft, super cozy pillow-top. But I guess that’s beside the point…

As the days get shorter, the weather colder and my snuggly, warm bed even more irresistible, I have found myself being more and more drawn to the delicious aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. I’ve not always been a big coffee drinker, but there really isn’t a much better way to kick-start the workday than with a wonderful dose of caffeinated goodness!

So you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this blog… Well it’s through this new found obsession with a giant dose of hot caffeine, that I have found my latest and greatest promotional mugs obsession…

The Terra porcelain coffee cup.2201s

This ridiculously cute, 11oz coffee cup comes in either white or black porcelain with a black silicone lid that fits snuggly into place. Perfect for office environments where you need a desk-friendly mug but don’t want to risk unwanted and messy spills and splashes, this trendy porcelain cup is a great solution.

Even the packaging for the Terra mug is attractive. The eco-friendly box makes for a great holiday gift presentation.

So if you are anything like me and the other 90% of Americans who can’t survive the chilly morning without a hot, caffeinated pick-me-up, this inventive piece of promotional mugs could be the perfect holiday gift for your business.

Kim Patton Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
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Promotional Products Take a Trip to the Wilderness

kenhodge13Although I am far from what you might consider “outdoorsy,” last weekend I ventured into the wilderness and went camping. As I was sitting around the campfire- surrounded by trees, water, and insects rather than cubicles, advertisements and televisions- I realized that in spite of the natural surroundings I was accompanied by many brands.

From my flashlight to the collapsible can cooler and of course the Swiss Army knife, many of the items I brought had been given to me by a corporation. I started thinking about how these promotional products successfully traveled all that way with us, and came to the conclusion that functional promotional items are key to building any brand.

Functional products, including drinkware, blankets, chairs and other outdoors products, can be imprinted with a company name and logo for increased brand exposure. Giving a product that is not only practical, but also small and easily compactable for easy travel, ensures that your company goes everywhere recipients go. Here are some camping tips to help you incorporate useful items into your next marketing campaign and some activities to inspire a trip to the outdoors.

-Hiking: This is not only a fun activity, but also a way to get to know the area where you will be staying and to tire yourself out before a night of sleeping on the ground. For kids or less active individuals, a leisurely nature walk is also a good afternoon pursuit. Stay hydrated and healthy with promotional sports bottles.

-Grilling: Plan ahead and make sure to pack food that can be cooked outdoors on a grill or open campfire. It’s also a good idea to bring items that won’t leave a mess, to ensure that pesky animals don’t bother you. And don’t forget to keep items fresh in a personalized cooler until you are ready to cook

-S’more making: Making S’mores is delicious and a good way to stay warm around the campfire. Carry a promotional flashlight with you if you venture into the woods to look for the perfect sticks. And always take a buddy, too.

-Camp songs and ghost stories: Singing songs and telling stories are great pre-bedtime activities. Don’t forget to write down your favorite tunes and spooky narratives in promotional jotters so you can remember them for next year’s trip to the wilderness.

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