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I Want Promotional Candy

It’s the first day of October! Personally the first day of October means tons of jokes about finally being able to wake up the guys from Green Day, it means I can no longer pretend that it’s the middle of summer and flip-flops start staying at home, and, my personal favorite, I get to start stocking up on candy under the pretense of getting it for the kids in my neighborhood. Here at Pinnacle we’re no strangers to Promotional Candy, and from our lengthy collection I’ve chose three of my favorites.

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The Sweet (and Not So Sweet) Scoop About Custom Candy

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Here at Pinnacle, custom candy is a consistently popular product category season after season, and it is no surprise that businesses are trusting branded sweets to effectively target their end users.

This year is shaping up to be the best year for the sweets industry in at least a decade- from January through May, confectionery sales were up 4.3% over the same period last year, according to the National Confectioners Association. took a deeper look into the candy industry in the article, “10 Things Candy Makers Won’t Tell You,” and you may be shocked by some of the author’s revelations.

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Trick or Treat, Custom Candy is Always Sweet

Halloween is less than two weeks away and I still don’t know what my costume should be. I have however, purchased some candy to give out to trick or treaters before I head out myself. Custom candy is never a bad idea when you want to leave a great impression or to entice customers to come back for more.  Custom candy can range from mints to jelly beans and anything in between. It can also be packaged in a variety of ways so that it can be easily mailed for direct mail campaigns or presented in a grander fashion as part of a gift basket for an end of year gift to valued customers.

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