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Trending Now: Festival Giveaways

With May fast approaching, we will be in the thick of outdoor events before we know it! Especially for us lucky ones in the South- we have already had a few fabulous weekends of “fun in the sun” activities! I went to the Dogwood Festival a few weekends back and saw a lot of promotional products in use!

Here are my picks for promotional swag to handout at your next outdoor event.

The Chillin Sunglasses:

A little different from your standard neon frames or aviators. Your brand will be seen as fun and hip.



Sunscreen with Carabiner:

Protect your potential clients from the sun with an SPF 30 sunscreen! They will thank you with their business!!



Non-Woven Tote Bag:

This good-looking tote will be much appreciated to the end user at an outdoor event. They can stuff all their promotional goodies in here. Your logo will travel thru the festival and beyond!



H2go Omega Filtered Water Bottle:

A water bottle with filter mechanism is thoughtful to the end user.  Give them piece of mind when they are refilling at the water station!



 BeachNik Combo Set:

A can cooler and cup holder!! Great for the beach or hanging out on the lawn at a concert or park! Forget about warm or spilled drinks!!



Tie-Dye Blanket:

A blanket or tarp is a great giveaway. This tie-dye one is fun and prefect for the festival season! Your brand will be spotted in style!


For more ideas on seasonal giveaways, visit our Outdoors category.

What are your favorite items ot bring to a festival?


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Bundle Up This Fall with Custom Blankets

Football season is officially starting this weekend and I am super excited for the weather to cool down and start enjoying the tailgating and team rivalries. Custom blankets are a great way to show your team spirit especially if you are supporting your local high school teams. Schools can earn funds to support their programs by selling custom blankets to the faculty and parents of the students. Not only will the parents be proud to sport their child’s team colors, but they will also be comfy and cozy throughout the season. Custom blankets are great item the entire family can share and even take along for any other outdoor Fall activities.

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Keeping Warm at the Office: Custom Snuggles Anyone?

What do you do when it’s cold at home?

I throw on my toasty sweats, grab a cozy blanket and curl up in my favorite overstuffed chair. The snuggly warmth and cozy feel of wrapping up in my cold-weather favorites is one of my greatest pleasures.

So what if you could bring this feeling of warmth and happiness with you in your daily life?

Being that I am almost always cold, I like to keep a blanket and an extra sweater around at all times. I would probably even have a small space heater running through the cold winter months, but those are typically frowned upon in corporate environments.

The only problem with using a blanket to stay warm at the office is that you can really only use it to cover your legs, as covering your arms will impede on your work. Without the use of your arms how can you type, answer phones or complete any other task that, well, uses your hands?

While there is only so much you can truly do to make you cubicle or office feel more like home, with the release of the custom Snuggle blanket for businesses, you can get that cozy warm feeling without sacrificing any work performance or productivity.

This is a great opportunity for businesses to increase their internal branding efforts. Give your employees a custom Snuggle blanket for the holidays. You’ll keep them comfy and content at the office during the day, while bringing in a little of the casual comforts of home.

And do I even have to mention the fun you can have with your team all wrapped up in your corporation’s custom Snuggles!

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