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Unique Promotional Beverages to Serve the Needs of Niche Markets

While we typically think of plastic water bottles as the most popular packaging for promotional beverages, some creative individuals are breaking the mold to provide custom solutions for niche audiences. As demonstrated by Kim’s blog post about the collapsible water bag earlier this week, innovation in the promotional beverages sector is a great thing and can lead to improved hydration in users’ everyday lives. From beverage devices for football players to drinkware for mothers in Haiti and Japan, inventors are keeping this product category exciting by thinking outside of the box.

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Tiger Blood Promotional Beverages and Other “Winning” Products

Even though Charlie Sheen was fired from the hit television show, “Two and a Half Men,” his celebrity status doesn’t seem to be suffering at all. In fact, his odd, yet memorable, comments and actions have become the inspiration for an Autotune song, websites galore, and even an animated special on Spike TV entitled, “Charlie Sheen’s Winningest Moments.” From logo apparel to a new line of promotional beverages, Charlie Sheen’s brand is making a splash in the retail sector.

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Promotional Products Keep Vacationers Cool

Weaving my way through the Chicago airport last night, I couldn’t help but notice the many promotional products around me. Airport employees dressed in TSA branded logo apparel shepherded passengers through security lines. Travelers wheeled rolling bags imprinted with company logos while carrying custom plastic bags filled to the brim with local goodies and souvenirs. I could end this blog post right here and leave you with a lesson about the omnipresence of promotional products but I want to highlight the branded item that made my day, as a nervous traveler returning home after a long weekend.
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