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Custom Bag Must-Haves: Finding the Perfect Summer Bag

Custom Bag Must-Haves: Finding the Perfect Summer Bag

When it comes to choosing the perfect summer bag, every person has his/her own judging criteria. And as the seasons change, so do the style trends, and in turn, the needs of the customer. Along with being attractive, a good bag needs to meet a customer’s lifestyle.

In fact, according the Advertising Specialty Institute, bags have been found to generate more impressions than any other promotional item. In terms of your business, you can take advantage of this opportunity, in order to build your brand.


By rewarding current customers for their continued support, and attracting potential customers with a custom bag that’s both fashionable and functional.

Utilize these suggested promotional products, and you’ve literally got sales in the bag!

Barbados Tote

Customers are sure to appreciate the Barbados Tote Bag, which is a sturdy alternative to the traditional plastic bag. In two summery colors, and made of straw paper with cotton rope handles, this bag is easy on the eyes AND on the hands. You may think that it’s special enough to turn heads at summer get-togethers, but by custom printing your corporate logo on it, you can make your brand the starring feature. With each use, your customers can inspire curiosity about your brand amongst your potential clients, consequently building your audience and achieving heightened brand awareness. Your business will certainly not blend in with the competition using this fresh perspective on a standard summer bag.

Barbados Tote

Captiva Bag

From the beach to the trade show to the company picnic, the Captiva Bag truly lives up to its name – captivating audiences. The simple, yet impactful design provides a huge, blank canvas for neatly screen-printing your corporate logo on the front of the bag. Additionally, you can choose from three bright color schemes that are perfect for any season. As an added bonus, this custom bag is available for free rush production 5 days after your logo art is accepted. A Captiva custom swag bag is a simply meaningful gift for customers to commemorate their positive experience with your brand.

 Captiva Bag

Whale Beach Bag

Keep your gear and accessories in, and keep out the sand, water, and dust. The Whale Beach Bag is a sturdy mesh bag equipped with plenty of pockets and tremendous storage space. It will be the perfect accessory for customers to use regularly over a long period of time in all different places. Custom branding this bag will allow customers to safely and stylishly carry their necessities, and to act as your personal marketing team. In doing so, your business can build brand awareness and recognition at very little cost to you.

 Whale Beach Bag

Your ongoing business goal is to build brand awareness and “get your name out there.” Custom promotional bags have proven to be impressive marketing tools to make this possible. Custom bags allow you to capture the character and personality of your brand, all while building a loyal following.

For more great ideas for unique, brand-building giveaways and swag, be sure to visit Pinnacle Promotions to learn how you can Make the right impression™.


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Product Pick of the Week: BUILT® Bags

So I must confess: I am in love with these bags.

One of my favorite retail brands, BUILT® bags sport attractive patterns, quality neoprene and tech-savvy designs. This quality and affordable pricing make BUILT® bags some of my top picks for the upcoming holiday season. From eye-catching patterns to simple solids, BUILT® promotional bags are the perfect platform for any brand image.

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Hello Kitty Raises Funds for Japan Relief with Promotional Toys

hello kitty promotional stuffed toyJapan’s favorite animated kitten has been recruited to help raise funds for disaster relief efforts in her homeland.

Hello Kitty’s parent company Sanrio has partnered with Ty (creator of the original Beanie Baby) to produce a limited-edition Hello Kitty promotional toy wearing a pint-sized nurse’s uniform imprinted with the message I ♥ JAPAN. Ty alone has pledged to donate $1 million to disaster relief efforts by the American Red Cross to help boost American aid to Japan.

In addition to these cuddly promotional toys, Sanrio has also designed a t-shirt and tote bag that will retail for $10-20 and are currently available on its website as well as in Sanrio boutiques around the United States.

Sanrio and Hello Kitty aren’t only creating cute promotional products to benefit the character’s home country – it has also placed a link on its website encouraging visitors to donate to the American Red Cross and has funneled more than $50,000 in donations to the organization.

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Amazon Delivers Groceries (In Reusable Grocery Bags)

Want your groceries delivered fresh to your door? At no extra cost? In reusable grocery bags? If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, you may be in luck. Amazon is considering the launch of a new grocery delivery service that aims to provide users with fresh produce and meats, straight to their door. The delivery service, named AmazonTote, is currently being tested by employees in the Seattle area. Unlike Amazon Fresh, a grocery delivery service currently available to Seattle residents, AmazonTote provides free, weekly service. In fact, “there are no subscriptions, minimum delivery sizes, or fees,” according to the information on Amazon’s website. All you have to do is select items you wish to have delivered, and they will show up at your door in sealed, weather-resistant reusable grocery bags (which purchasers can keep!)

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Promotional Bags Help Shopping District Flourish in North Jersey

Many retail businesses have faced challenges over the past few years as the state of the economy forced consumers to cut back. This year- just in time for the holiday season- merchants in Teaneck, New Jersey decided something needed to be done to increase revenue, as well as the community livelihood. As reported by, 11 business owners analyzed demographics, brainstormed the best way to reach their patrons, and settled on the idea of creating and distributing promotional bags filled with coupons. In addition to these incentives, store owners also offered a 15% discount on whatever shoppers could fit in the bags. All information detailing the promotion and the participating stores were printed on stickers and placed on the promotional bags, as was information about the economic benefit of shopping locally.

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Luxury Promotional Bags and How to Use the Blogosphere to Your Advantage

A Google search for the phrase “fashion blogs” results in about 144,000,000 results. Compare that to the 95,900,000 search results for the term “stock market today” and the 82,000,000 results for “local weather,” and it becomes apparent that there is an enormous market for fashion-focused websites. Millions of loyal readers have made it a ritual to check in with their favorite fashion bloggers daily, and the popularity of these blogs has forced retail brands stand up and take notice. In fact, many well-known fashion bloggers earn six-figure salaries, thanks to advertising revenue and affiliate marketing.

Recently, Coach invited four notable fashion bloggers to collaborate with their designers to create a series of limited edition ladies’ handbags, “Coach Collectibles”. Each blogger therefore has her own statement bag, true to her unique style and perspective. 200 bags in each style are available on Coach’s website (until supplies run out!) and every promotional bag sold comes with an attached hang tag touting the name of the blogger who helped design it.
Keep reading to find out how you can follow Coach’s example to reach your target audience…

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