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Bringing Sexy Back to the Promotional Bag Industry

These days, boy-crazy preteens are sticking posters of Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson up on their walls. Back when I was that age, I was absolutely crazy over NSYNC. Seriously – crazy to the point that I convinced all of my teachers to allow me to sign my name as Ashley Chasez (the last name of my fave member JC) on all of my papers. Luckily, I have taken back my proper last name in the years since, but I still get excited when I see my favorite boy band continuing to make it out there in the world. (Yes – I started watching America’s Best Dance Crew solely because JC is a judge). And what do you know— one of my teenybopper idols is breaking into the promotional products scene! That’s right – Justin Timberlake, perhaps you have heard of him, has become an investor as well as a designer for a line of bags (Ful, which sounds like Fuel) that are available in retail as well as within the promotional bag industry.  Wanna know more about JT’s bags?

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