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Mercedes-Benz Does More Than Just Lend a Hand with Promotional Automotive Items

Promotional products are available in a limitless array of shapes, colors, sizes, and varieties, but Mercedes-Benz is going out on a “limb” with their latest promotional automotive item– literally! Fourteen year old British Formula One fan Matthew James was born without a left hand and reached out to the automaker’s racing division in hopes of securing funds to receive a high-tech prosthetic arm. Mercedes agreed to shell out about $57,000 for the prosthesis, provided that their logo be prominently featured on the device.

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Trouble Parking? Promotional Automotive Items to the Rescue

Has it ever happened to you? You thought to yourself, “just another inch and I’ll be in the garage all the way.” Then BAM! Your car hits the drywall in front of you. If you’re lucky, there aren’t any lasting marks.

For some, parking a car in a garage can be a bit challenging. Long car + short garage can equal a pretty hairy situation for even the most seasoned driver. Today I came across the perfect promotional automotive item to solve the garage parking conundrum: the SmartPark Custom Ball and Lanyard set.

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LinkedIn Engages in Mobile Marketing With Promotional Automotive Items

They may not be as eye-catching as the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, but LinkedIn is now engaging in mobile marketing, too, (mobile in the traditional sense of the word, as in utilizing motor vehicles) with promotional automotive items and the introduction of the LinkedIn Today coffee trucks. The trucks started riding around the streets of New York and San Francisco this past Monday morning offering free, locally-brewed coffee and “hot news” to those who stop by. This is all part of a marketing campaign to promote LinkedIn Today, the social networking site’s new personalized news product for business professionals.mariosundar

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Market Your Brand With Promotional Automotive Items Like Oscar Mayer

Today’s blog is in honor of Oscar F. Mayer, and his branding brilliance, on the week before the anniversary of his birth.

Oscar Mayer was born on March 29, 1859 in Kösingen, Germany. Mayer emigrated to the states as a teenaged and began working at a meat market in Detroit, Michigan, eventually starting a butcher and sandwich-making shop of his own in Chicago. In the early 1900s, Mayer began branding his meats to capitalize on their popularity, a move that helped the company grow to become the American meat and cold cut production company – and billion-dollar brand – it is today. Among his most notable branding efforts is the Wienermobile – this promotional automotive item is a hotdog shaped automobile that has been touring the United States for more than 70 years to promote and advertise Oscar Mayer products.

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