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Product Pick of the Week: The Econo Sturdy Sipper + a bonus

Okay so I’m switching it up. Today the bonus comes FIRST!

You may have noticed there’s an election a brewin’. And as any good campaign would have it, (thanks to George Washington’s buttons) there are plenty of promo products to go around.

Check out the Best, Worst and Weirdest Swag of the 2012 Campaign slideshow for some creative bits of swag. And don’t fret. I’m sure we’ll be diving deeper into the campaign trends soon.

image of Ron Paul action figure from Revolution Super Pac

Now that you’ve been thoroughly entertained, onto the matter at hand. This week’s promo product pick!

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Recruit Recent Grads With Promo Products

It’s graduation season, and all around the nation college students are donning their caps and gowns to earn degrees as representation of their higher education – degrees which they hope will help them to enter the working world, as hiring is finally projected to be on the rise after years of decline. And just as these recent college grads are hoping to get hired, companies are hoping to recruit the best talent to work for their organization.

Tim Andrews of the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) recently wrote an article discussing a survey of HR professionals that ASI conducted discussing ways that they are using promo products in their search for new talent. Results of the survey found that, “56% of responding HR staffers say promo products imprinted with a company’s name or logo convey a positive image when distributed during job fairs and other recruiting efforts.”

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Where Have You Spotted John Deere Promotional Products?

redjarHaving been born and bred in Georgia, I am no stranger to the distinctive green and yellow logo featured on John Deere promotional products. Okay, so I grew up in the metro Atlanta area, where farmland is sparse and suburban residents have no need for heavy duty John Deere agricultural equipment to manicure their manageable front yards… Nevertheless, I had peers who would not leave home without their trademark John Deere trucker hats. I always knew that the brand had a longstanding, loyal following in the Southeast, but during my teen years, I viewed it as more of a trend- wearing John Deere paraphernalia made people my age appear “rugged” and “outdoorsy”. Looking back, I wonder if even half of the John Deere-clad teenagers I knew had ever stood within 3 feet of an actual tractor!

An article on discusses John Deere’s current campaign, called “What Will You Create.” It features actual customers who have accomplished amazing agricultural feats using John Deere equipment. For example, take Larry Carlson, a New Yorker who transformed a 5 acre potato field into a Tuscan-inspired panorama of gardens and mazes using tractors made by- you guessed it- John Deere. Keep reading…

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National Craft Month Ideas and Promotional Items

rmkoskeDid you know March is National Craft Month? Now before you scoff at the mention of arts and crafts, a term you may think you have long out-grown, reflect for a moment on the enjoyment you derived from art projects during your childhood. I’m not talking about the required assignments from art class that left you (well, maybe that was just me, because of my lack of artistic talent!) disappointed because of a poor grade. I’m talking about the popsicle stick log cabins and handprint turkeys that you worked on at home with friends and family. It would be impossible for me to ever relive the carefree hours I spent sitting at my kitchen table with watercolors and construction paper, but just writing this blog post is enough to make me add “coloring” to my list of things to do this weekend.

I think encouraging your business to participate in National Craft Month is a great way to help staff relieve stress and unleash their creativity. You could even combine arts and crafts with a favorite philanthropy, such as volunteering at the children’s ward of a local hospital. Whether you decide to drop off handmade cards or artwork to the kids or spend time creating masterpieces with them, the thoughtful sentiment and bright, happy colors of the pieces are sure to bring smiles. And although the driving force behind your volunteer work shouldn’t be the positive publicity, you could always leave the beneficiary’s of your kindness with art-related promotional products like promotional markers so that whenever they spend time coloring and drawing, the imprinted messages will remind them of their special relationship with your organization and the fun times they have shared with representatives of your brand.

In college, one of the clubs I was a part of used to make tissue paper flowers that we hand-delivered to a local children’s hospital; keep reading for instructions on how to do this simple Spring project…

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Promo Product Paparazzi

from Perez Hilton

from Perez Hilton

Of course we all know the current controversy surrounding Tiger Woods and his Supermodel wife, Elin Nordegren.  What really went on that night of the crash may forever remain speculation. Tiger has since been dropped by many of his endorsers and it has even been rumored that he may be leaving golf forever.  Just because he has been affected negatively by this situation, that doesn’t mean his mistresses have been hurting during all of this.  All 7 (no, 8…wait, is it 9? 10? Shoot, who can keep up!?) of them have been earning their fair share by selling their stories to the tabloids and various media outlets.

Just when we all thought that it was only the lady friends that were reaping all of the benefits, along came John Gribbin.  This may be the first time you have ever heard of this man — believe me, I had never heard of him until about a week ago!  Gribbin wrote a book named Get a Grip on Physics.  Sound exciting?  Eh, not really. So just how does this correlate with the Tiger Woods scandal?

On the night of November 27th, when good ‘ol Tiger wrecked his vehicle, it just so happened that Gribbin’s book was on the floor board of his 2009 Cadillac Escalade.  With what some people would call pure luck, the book ended up in hundreds of paparazzi photographs.  Since then, the book has risen significantly in sales and went from 396,224 on Amazon’s sales rank to 2,268! How about that for product placement!  Just think how amazing it would have been if one of YOUR company’s promo products had made a cameo that night!

Katie McCormick
Account Coordinator

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