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Top 10 Uniforms as Halloween Costumes

We here at Pinnacle Promotions are in the branding business. We sell promotional items with your logo on them, branded marketing materials, and corporate gear and uniforms. So, when it comes to Halloween we can’t help but look at it through our “business” glasses. We have polled our team and developed the definitive “Top 10 Uniforms as Halloween Costumes” list. See if you agree!

10. Police Officer – Regular or S.W.A.T style.
9. Doctor – Regular or Zombified.
8. Nurse – Regular or Sultry. Nurses

7. Football player – Extra points for the consistent team branding throughout.
6. Football referee – Last year’s referee uniforms were made extra-special by the addition of black glasses and Hoover canes to represent the blind referee take on the replacement refs used by the NFL during the 2012 strike. The Immaculate Deception still ranks as the #1 Blown Call by a Ref (Replacement Ref) in the history of the NFL.
5. Sons of Anarchy patched-jacket – You want to be in the club, you gotta wear the cut. Is there a better-branded show on TV right now? Everything on that show has a SOA logo on it! Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 9.19.45 AM
4. Harry Potter school uniform – We particularly love the Hogwarts logo on the chest. Hogwarts
3. Super Mario Brothers – Always a party favorite and branded with the classic “M.”
2. NASCAR Driver – This ranks pretty high because the excessive branding on NASCAR driver uniforms just speaks to us!

And the #1 “Uniform as Halloween Costume” is…(drumroll please)

1. Superman – Is there better branding in Halloween costumes than the simple, chest-sized “S” on Clark Kent’s uniform for his “other” job?!?!?! “This is a job for Superman!”

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 9.27.22 AM

Tell us, did we miss anything? What is your favorite uniform as Halloween costume?

Pinnacle Promotions

Pinnacle Promotions Goes Mobile

Buyers Can Now Shop For Branded Merchandise On-The-Go

Pinnacle Promotions, a top 50 ASI distributor of branded merchandise, logo apparel and giveaways, announced the launch of its much-anticipated mobile website today. The launch complements an award-winning website used by some of the most recognizable brands and organizations in the world by enabling its clients to search for products even when not in the office.

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 1.23.24 PM“The way our clients are shopping for promotional products is changing at an exciting and unprecedented rate,” says Mitch Weintraub, founder and CEO of Pinnacle Promotions. “We wanted to be one of the first to support that trend.”

Being at the head of the pack has been a hallmark of Pinnacle Promotions throughout its 20-year history and what has propelled it to the top. Its ecommerce website was the first of its kind. It also pioneered the 24-hour turnaround through its RocketShip 24-Hour Express Service™ and originated the idea-generating service through its IdeaKit™, both of which have been emulated throughout the industry.

More than 30% of promotional product web searches take place on mobile devices. In an industry where customizing apparel, drinkware, gifts and other promotional items is more than a one-step transaction, designing an experience around a small screen was no easy task.

“Our clients come to us because they know we’ll get it right,” says Rob Nelms, Vice President of Marketing. “That kind of thinking permeated every decision we made with regards to how to design our mobile site. With an approval rating that is through the roof, we had a high bar to reach.”

The same, convenient features that set the Pinnacle Promotions website apart from the rest are integrated into its mobile site. Customers can easily find a product they are interested in, request a quote, request a sample or share an item via email or various social media channels.

About Pinnacle Promotions, Inc. (www.pinnaclepromotions.com)
Since 1994, the world’s leading companies and organizations have trusted Pinnacle Promotions to provide them with customized solutions for their marketing and branding needs. The company’s agency approach to promotional marketing makes consumers’ jobs easier and provides them with an unprecedented array of exclusive services. With dedicated Account Teams and innovative technology, Pinnacle Promotions delivers new and unique promotional products quickly, and with the quality expected from an industry leader. Make the Right Impression ™ with Pinnacle Promotions. Please call 800.351.4226 or follow us at facebook.com/pinnaclepromotions for additional information.

Pinnacle Promotions

Show Your True Colors: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

There may be no more recognizable promotional theme than the Awareness Ribbon. And, there may be no more recognizable monthly awareness campaign than October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The contemporary version of the Awareness Ribbon was first displayed by Penney Laingen in 1979. Penney’s husband was one of the 52 Americans held during the Iran Hostage crisis. Penney used yellow ribbons to decorate trees, and mailboxes, jacket lapels and shirts to encourage support and bring awareness to the American hostages.

Today, there are more than 50 recognized awareness ribbons. One of the most identifiable is the pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. Since the Pink Ribbon Campaign began in 1992, the ribbon has appeared on countless merchandise items and promotional products. Through market saturation and awareness, hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised for breast cancer research.

Companies and organizations have joined the fight against breast cancer by adding the pink ribbon to their marketing items, corporate logo items and promotional products.


Delta Airlines Pink Plane to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Photo courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Photo courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines flies to the top of the category of companies supporting breast cancer awareness from the inside out. From the Delta Airlines “pink plane” to special awareness uniform pieces to special in-flight promotional food and amenities, Delta invites both employees and customers to experience and participate in the corporate campaign. http://onforb.es/17GcZXZ


No matter the size, here are just a few ways your company can make an impact for awareness:

• As a company, participate in a community event such as Relay for Life or Race for the Cure.
• Host a service day for an employee or family member dealing with breast cancer to do yard work, make meals, or complete tasks around their home.
• Hang a wreath in the office and allow team members to wrap a ribbon or hang a tag on it to represent a loved one or friend who has been affected by breast cancer.
• Have a T-Shirt day in the office. Provide company-logoed shirts or simply ask team members to wear pink shirts.
All of these simple activities can be the perfect opportunity to share important health tips, recommend other opportunities to help, or to raise money for a person or organization affected by this terrible disease.


Pinnacle Promotions

Pinnacle Promotions Supports Give 2 The Troops

Last month, Pinnacle Promotions began a companywide drive to collect items for Give 2 The Troops, a non-profit organization which sends loving care packages and letters to America’s deployed troops.

To date, we have collected almost triple the number of items established as our original goal and we are still accepting donations for another 2 weeks! The drive has spanned three distinct product categories, namely toiletries, food/snacks, and entertainment/miscellaneous.

We are thrilled with the success of our donation drive and can’t wait to send our enormous shipment off to the Give 2 The Troops headquarters, where it will be divided up and passed along to brave servicemen and women overseas.

To learn more about Pinnacle’s latest initiative benefitting Give 2 The Troops, view the official press release on our website.

Combat Decision Fatigue by Consulting Promotional Products Experts

Decisions Decisions
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Andrew Stawarz

An article featured in the New York Times this week, “Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?,” discusses decision fatigue, which is an increasingly common phenomenon facing today’s society. Do you find yourself struggling to make decisions later in the day? Making rash decisions to avoid mulling over all possible consequences? Procrastinating making any decisions at all? New findings prove that you are not alone!

Recent experiments demonstrate that being forced to make a multitude of choices can lead to diminished willpower. Once decision fatigue rears its ugly head, study participants typically settle for recommendations from salespeople in a variety of situations. Additionally, when individuals are presented with more difficult decisions early on in the purchasing process, fatigue hits them early on, as well, and they claim to enjoy the shopping experience less.

From personal decisions to business decisions, practically every minute of our lives is jam-packed with choices. If you have purchased promotional products before, you are probably well-aware of the endless variety of products, styles, imprint methods, sizes, colors, etc. available. Rather than draining your entire daily quota of preliminary decisions on selecting items for your next campaign, let Pinnacle’s staff of promotional gurus guide your hand. Nobody should have to navigate the sea of decisions involved with promotional marketing alone!

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This week, we’re giving back.

We might be based in Atlanta, but our customers span the globe. So when we heard about how the tornadoes that devastated much of Alabama and, later, Joplin, Missouri, affected our network of suppliers and clients, we decided to help.

This week, 1% of what we earn on products in the Hot 25 category will be donated to organizations in Alabama and Missouri who are working so hard to help those affected by these recent tragedies get back on their feet.

We’re excited to write a check at the end of the week, but how big it is depends on you! If you’ve been thinking about buying some custom sunglasses for a summer event or are thinking ahead to a fall marketing campaign or even this year’s corporate holiday gifts, please consider making your purchase before close of business on Friday, June 17. You’ll be helping us help out a great cause.

Click here to view the Hot 25 >>

For Earth Day Promote Sustainability with Recycled Promotional Products

recycled promotional productsThe Green Festival is a premier sustainability event where communities, business, and individuals can gather to learn about how they can create and live healthy and environmentally friendly lives.

At these festivals across the nation, screened exhibitors distribute recycled promotional products, teach natural living, and share the most recent developments in “green” technology.

In the past, these environmental groups and Earth Days alike have inspired changes in social behavior. Legislative acts such as The Clean Air Act and the Clean water Act were implemented as a result of community efforts. Therefore, it is important to draw awareness to events, businesses, and communities such as these. Every business and or individual can make one small change to promote sustainability. Whether it is distributing customized recycled promotional products, changing to energy efficient light bulbs, or recycling office papers, each act is a step toward an environmentally sustainable society. Continue reading

The Pinnacle Promotions Blog is Now Creative Commons Licensed

Hello, readers! You may have noticed that we’ve added a new feature to our blog, located along the right side of the page:

Creative Commons License
The Promotional Products Blog by Pinnacle Promotions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Creative Commons License may not apply to images used within posts and pages on this website — see links and attribution associated with each image for licensing information.

We’re excited to announce that all of the original content – posts, lists, insight, information, pictures and more – that appears on our blog can be quoted, shared, or adapted on your own blog or website provided that you include an attribution link back to the post you’re referring to.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to enter into dialogue with our content, and we’re looking forward to hearing (and seeing) what you have to say about our Promotional Products blog!

Please note that this license may not apply to videos and images we include in our blog posts – if you’ve got a question, just email us or contact us on Twitter and we’ll get back to you soon.

Happy blogging!

Promotional Cameras Help Connect Individuals using “Skype in the Classroom”

With social interaction gaining prominence in today’s society, it is important to have the right promotional cameras to effectively contribute to this interactive realm. Whether you or your organization are interested in directly interacting with individuals through Face Time, Twitter, Facebook, or Foursquare to name a few, personalized promotional cameras can provide you with this opportunity all while promoting your organization!

Skype, the “real-time-face-time” software application has become a big hit in the educational world. Teachers are using this tool to connect with other educators and specialists around the world in order to bring guest speakers and field trips directly to the classroom. To help teachers network more easily, Skype launched its newest network for teachers, Skype in the Classroom, on Tuesday. Using this new platform, teachers create profiles centered around the subjects, language, and age groups they teach, allowing them to more efficiently search for relevant subjects.

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