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July Fan of the Month: Flake Productions

Meet one of Pinnacle Promotions newest customers. Jason Flake is the President of Flake Productions, a cutting edge entertainment experience that hosts live game shows anywhere! Jason partnered up with Pinnacle to design custom rubberized sunglasses that he has dubbed “Flake Bans.” The custom sunglasses we a hit at Flake Productions’s latest event at the Atlanta Food Truck Park! If you live in Atlanta, look for the Flake Productions van and follow it to the next party!

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The Can Grip: for When It’s So Cold, You Don’t Need Koozies

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted an early spring this morning, but that doesn’t mean the cold weather is behind us. We’ve still got a few weeks of chilly temperatures to go, so there’s no need to pack your beach bags full of swimsuits and koozies just yet.

The bright side of this (and the side Phil was facing when he came out of his hole) is that you don’t even need koozies to ensure that your brew will stay nice and frosty; Mother Nature will be doing it for you. All you have to do is keep your warm hands off of your cold can, and there’s no better way to do that than with the Can Grip.

The concept behind the Can Grip is one of those simple-yet-brilliant ones that we wish we’d come up with first, but it makes us so happy that we’re just glad someone invented it. The product adds a whole new dimension to your friends telling you to “get a handle on yourself” when you’ve had one too many celebratory drinks at the post-game party; it makes it easy to hold your drink without warming it up when you’re wearing gloves outside; it’s got a built-in coaster on the bottom to keep a can steady on any surface, from the tailgate to the sidewalk…the perks of this magnificent product are endless.

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