The 20 Year Old T-Shirt

The 20 Year Old T-Shirt

What an amazing year we have had at Pinnacle! We had so many great moments. One of our highlights was the fact that Pinnacle Promotions celebrated our 20th birthday this year! We threw a party, we had personalized balloons, we had custom sunglasses, we gave the Pinnacle entire team promotional t-shirts. We held a contest and gave away an iPad in a branded tablet cover as a Grand Prize, and logo’d Bluetooth speakers as a First Place Prize. All of this to say, will any of these promotional products be around 20 years from now?

Turns out the answer might just be YES!

We love this article about a t-shirt that resurfaced after 20 years and the search to restore it to its original owner. The focus of the original story was donated clothes winding up for sale in third-world countries. We have written similar posts. As one commenter states below, “(I) can tell you that there’s no lost value on “bad” clothing donations.”

A journalist noticed one shirt in particular that had personal details on the front and a name on the tag in the back. The man who saw the shirt decided to track down its original owner. With a little social media and a lot of luck…here’s what happened:

“We Found This 20-Year-Old T-Shirt In Kenya. The Internet Found The Original Owner”

Courtesy of Gregory Werner/NPR

Courtesy of Gregory Werner/NPR

Courtesy Jennifer Rasansky

Courtesy Jennifer Rasansky

The value of a promotional product never goes out of style. The average promotional item is kept for 6.6 months, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s Impression Study (link). And in this case, some are kept for more than 20 years! Look around; do you own a promotional product that you have had longer than 6 months, a year, 5 years, even 20 years? If so, snap a picture and post it to our Facebook wall at

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The Urban Outfitters NPR Custom T-Shirt: A Story of Irony

NPR T-ShirtThe retail brand Urban Outfitters, popular among representatives of the so-called “hipster” culture for its sometimes satirical merchandise, including graphic T-shirts such as one printed with the classic American Uncle Sam portrait and “I Want You” propaganda message with the addition of “To Buy Me a Drink,” has a new custom T-shirt in its catalog displaying a different sort of mockery.

Currently, UO is selling a custom T-shirt printed with the logo of National Public Radio, the media organization that made headlines just last month when a GOP-backed measure to defund NPR passed in the House. (By the way, NPR does not currently receive any direct federal funding; 2% of its revenue comes from grants from federally funded agencies like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Department of Education; the largest share of its revenue comes from member stations, who in turn have about 10% of their revenue from the CPB and another 6% from the local, state and federal government.)

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