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The Urban Outfitters NPR Custom T-Shirt: A Story of Irony

NPR T-ShirtThe retail brand Urban Outfitters, popular among representatives of the so-called “hipster” culture for its sometimes satirical merchandise, including graphic T-shirts such as one printed with the classic American Uncle Sam portrait and “I Want You” propaganda message with the addition of “To Buy Me a Drink,” has a new custom T-shirt in its catalog displaying a different sort of mockery.

Currently, UO is selling a custom T-shirt printed with the logo of National Public Radio, the media organization that made headlines just last month when a GOP-backed measure to defund NPR passed in the House. (By the way, NPR does not currently receive any direct federal funding; 2% of its revenue comes from grants from federally funded agencies like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Department of Education; the largest share of its revenue comes from member stations, who in turn have about 10% of their revenue from the CPB and another 6% from the local, state and federal government.)

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