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The New York Times on Promotional Products

From the personalized coffee mugs at your local Starbucks to the 10-year-old t-shirt emblazoned with a high school logo that your cube-mate insists on wearing every casual Friday, promotional products are all around you. But just how effective are these branded gifts and giveaways?

Incredibly powerful, according to MP Mueller, author of The New York Times’ small business blog, You’re the Boss. Mueller arrives at this answer by way of a letter opener. But this isn’t just any letter opener. “In the clear acrylic handle,” Mueller writes, “float[s] a mini uterus with two pills strategically placed where the ovaries normally reside, alongside the drug’s name…”

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Turn Your Home into a Newsroom with this Promotional Candle

Love the smell of fresh newsprint? Well, you can stop trying to come up with creative ways to sneak into the New York Times newsroom to get your fix – just fork over $65 for this limited edition promotional candle designed by artist Tobias Wong.

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The Times of New York candle was one of the last creative projects Wong conceptualized before his death in 2010, and has been made a posthumous reality in a limited run of 1,000. This promotional candle has not been officially endorsed by the New York Times and isn’t available in its gift shop, but reliable sources have confirmed that its scent – a combination of cedar, musk, spice, guaiacwood, and a “powdery note and velvet nuance” does indeed smell like a hot-off-the-press edition of the paper.

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